Don’t Worry, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski Isn’t A Laker Girl In Hiding…Yet

When Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski retired earlier this year, there was a ripple of panic amongst his fans – would we ever see him again? This week, we got our answer…

And it wasn’t quite what anyone expected.

Those watching the LA Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunder game this week got quite a surprise at the halftime show, when some unusual guests came out disguised as the Laker Girls beside them. Of course, they didn’t quite fit in. Beloved ex-Patriot “Gronk” came out in full step, alongside tennis star Venus Williams, TV host James Corden, comedian Ian Karmel, and the entire Laker Girl squad for their halftime dance routine. It was quickly clear who the odd ones out were, though no one’s feelings will be hurt if we admit that some imposters blended in a bit better than others. That being said, it’s not a competition for these pranksters.

Or…is it?

Venus Dance

Later that night, Karmel took to Twitter to fill everyone in on even more exciting news, announcing the upcoming CBS show “Game On,” (a remake of the British game show “A League of Their Own” that Corden used to be the host of) along with his participation. And Williams. And Corden. And, you guessed it – Gronk. Did the dance sequences have anything to do with it?

Glad you asked! Of course they did. For the show, Gronkowski and Williams will each lead a team in a variety of athletic challenges. Now, we don’t know whether or not this was one of those challenges…but we’re willing to bet that if it was, Williams certainly brought the most natural talent. Next to her, Karmel had a hard time getting the moves right – but he made up for it with some funny improvising.

Gronk Dance

When it was Gronkowski and Corden’s turns, they took a slightly different approach. You can call it making love to the camera, or a desperate attempt at distraction. But Gronk delivered some really luscious looks, and Corden offered some more…intimate moves than the routine called for, going so far as to lick his lips in the process. Based on the dancing itself, Gronk was easily defeated by the rest. But the crowd seemed to love his lackluster moves and misplaced charm, so it might be too soon to guess the winners.

His own girlfriend, Camille Kostek – a former New England Patriots cheerleader – said on Instagram, “Still deciding if I’m a proud girlfriend over this.”

One thing’s for sure, the Laker girls won’t be hiring any of them anytime soon.

Don’t Worry, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski Isn’t A Laker Girl In Hiding…Yet