Former Pro Golfer Paige Spiranac Says Men Only Want Her for One Thing – Golf Lessons

Twitter // @PaigeSpiranac

Dating is rough for anybody, but celebs have a different layer of difficulty when it comes to romance since people often use them for their star status. The same goes for the ultra-rich who are worried potential partners may just like them for their wealth. And, apparently, former professional golfers are just being used for their knowledge of the sport. At least, that’s what Paige Spiranac is claiming.

Spiranac’s Claims

Page Spiranac recently spoke about this apparent issue on her podcast Playing a Round. She said, “I would always open up a conversation with, ‘Hey I play golf,’ and anything along those lines and I thought that it would work. [They’d say] ‘So Paige, let’s go out on a golf date. I’ll take you to this driving range and we can just hit golf balls’ and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, that sounds awesome.’ It would turn into an hour lesson of me just helping the guy become a better golfer. That happened all the time since I was desperate, and I wanted guys to like me.”

A Cringe-Worthy Example

Spiranac followed up her statement with a specific example. She recalled, “There was this other guy who did the same thing but he wanted golf lessons, and he would text me 24/7, he was really cute and flirty with me. But the only time we would go on ‘dates’ – and I put that in air quotes – is because they were lessons, and so I would sit there and give him lessons, and he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend for six months. Six months and all of these lessons and nothing happened. He was like, ‘I just want to take it slow, can you help me with my takeaway?’ It happened all the time and I never learned my lesson because I thought, ‘This is my way in, guys think I’m cool because I play golf’. Then it just turned into me giving them golf balls and getting them on courses for free. They were all in other relationships.”

Twitter // @PaigeSpiranac

We’re so confused, is “golf” code for something else here?