Apparently, Nike Sells UV-Blocking Contact Lenses

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Nike is known for its sports apparel, equipment, and – of course – shoes. As it turns out, we’ve all been sleeping on a really cool Nike product that no one seems to know about. The company sells UV-blocking contact lenses. If this is news to you, you’re not the only one. But here’s the kicker – Nike has been selling this product since 2002!

Nike’s MaxSight Contact Lenses

Nike’s MaxSight contact lenses act as sunglasses, filtering out ultraviolet light from one’s eye. However, unlike sunglasses, you can comfortably wear these contact lenses during any type of sport. Nike spokesperson Dean Stoyer explained, “We did this because we see in this something for [the] percentage of our consumers who have always looked for every advantage they can get.”

They’re Not for Everyone

For $60 per lens, it’s clear that these contact lenses aren’t meant for everybody – and Nike seems to be okay with that. Optometrist Dr. Hal Breedlove explained, “It’s for anybody who takes their sports seriously who wants to crank their game up to the next level. For a vast majority of individuals who wear this lens, it will give them the edge over someone of equal skill not wearing them. But it won’t make a mediocre high school player get a scholarship at Notre Dame. If they want them, the Little League kids can come on in and afford these things.”

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It seems that Dr. Breedlove is just as harsh as Nike’s prices!