Nico Rosberg After F1—What’s He Up to Now?

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Nico Rosberg’s racing legacy will span generations, rooted in his father Keke’s Formula One triumphs and Team Rosberg’s ventures across Europe. While following his father’s path, Nico carved his success—clinching the F1 World Championship in 2016 and steering Rosberg X Racing into the realm of electric motorsport and the Extreme E series.

The F1 driver has gone through a lot, from a shocking F1 retirement to managing his racing team, and the whirlwind of opportunities that awaited him post-helmet hanging. Here’s a closer look.

Owning a Motorsport Team

Nico Rosberg’s journey into owning a motorsport team wasn’t a childhood dream—it was more of an organic evolution. Growing up, he witnessed his father’s passion for racing and team ownership in the Touring Car Championship. That fascination lingered, weaving into Nico’s own ambitions, like delving into Formula E, an electric single-seater championship

However, the immense commitment and financial hurdles posed challenges. Instead, he chose to invest in the championship itself, gearing up to make an impact differently. An unexpected opportunity emerged in the form of Extreme E—a perfect fit for his ambitions. The stars aligned, paving the way for Rosberg X Racing.

A Shocking Retirement

Rosberg shocked the world when he announced his retirement after sealing the 2016 Drivers’ World Championship. Since then, he’s maintained ties to the racing world through ventures like his race team, Rosberg Philanthropies, and the Greentech Festival. Amid this shift, diverse opportunities knocked at his door, offering intriguing prospects beyond the racetrack.

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These include an offer to drive in Formula E and an unexpected role as a coach in Germany’s Next Top Model. However, the driver turned down both offers, focusing his energy on his other ventures.

Life After F1

Nico Rosberg’s life after bidding farewell to Formula 1 has unveiled a captivating journey of newfound freedom and family-centric pursuits. Embracing a more relaxed lifestyle, Rosberg relishes the autonomy to choose his destinations and schedule—a liberty that eluded him during his racing career.

Meanwhile, for Rosberg, the tennis court serves as both a sanctuary and a playground, offering a cherished pastime in his post-racing life.