The Most Important Point Guards Of All Time

Point guard is a pretty important position to a basketball team, and it’s the player who links everything together. They are responsible for starting the plays, organizing their team, and controlling the tempo of the game. Without a good point guard, most teams struggle to find success, and these are the most important of all time.

The Most Important Point Guards Of All Time

Oscar Robertson

A player who influenced the games of both Magic Johnson and LeBron James must have been important to basketball. Oscar Robertson made it to the All-Star game 12 times and finished his career with over 9,000 assists.

The point guard helped the Bucks to lift the NBA championship in 1971, and his specialty was finishing games having scored triple-doubles. He was so important to his Bucks team, and future players in the league that Robertson can only be thought of as a pioneer on the court.

The Most Important Point Guards Of All Time

Steph Curry

To be considered an important player in the history of any sport you have to have been at a level higher than anyone else. Steph Curry came into the league as a proficient shooter, but few could have predicted he would change the way we played basketball.

Since Curry entered the league, three-point attempts have gone up and his Warriors team are a threat from just about anywhere on the court. Basketball coaches have tried to come up with answers to the questions Curry asks of their defense, but so far no one can figure him out. His championship success makes him one of the most important number ones of all-time.

The Most Important Point Guards Of All Time

Magic Johnson

There was never anyone quite like Magic Johnson. The Lakers legend was so dynamic as a point guard that he practically played two positions on the court. Not only could he find a teammate in space before that player even knew he was free, but Johnson knew where the basket was.

His incredible scoring helped the Lakers to five championships during his time with them and has over 10,000 assists. The only thing that stands against him is the health issue which robbed him, and basketball fans, of more time with Johnson on the court.

These point guards were so important to the NBA thanks to the influence they had on both their teams and others. The NBA was never the same again after these legendary point guards came along.