How Jerry West Unknowingly Became The NBA Logo

The NBA logo is recognized all around the world. Young basketball players dream of playing for a team with that logo on their jerseys, but do you know how it came to represent an entire league? This is the secret behind the NBA logo, and why Jerry West unknowingly became the silhouette behind it.

How Jerry West Unknowingly Became The NBA Logo

A Change Of Image

In the ’60s the NBA wasn’t the only basketball competition in America, so the league had to stand out from the crowd. The people running the NBA relied upon a designer called Alan Siegal to create something memorable.

Siegal thought the logo should represent the players and that’s when he began looking through tons of photos of then-current professionals. He found the now iconic picture of Jerry West and decided this was the image that represented basketball.

The Image Was A Hit

West didn’t give his permission for the NBA to use his likeness, but that didn’t stop people falling in love with it. People didn’t know who the man behind the logo was until it was discovered that it was West. The former Lakers player and executive doesn’t receive any royalties from the NBA using his image. West’s silhouette is on absolutely everything branded by the NBA, but he doesn’t get a cent of royalties.

How Jerry West Unknowingly Became The NBA Logo

Sworn To Secrecy?

The NBA denies that West’s likeness was used when creating their logo, and many believe it’s to prevent the former star from asking for cash. West actually is fed up of being on the logo and thinks it’s time for someone else to represent the league. The logo has remained unchanged since it was developed in the ’60s and basketball has definitely moved on since then.

Passing The Torch

West believes it’s time for someone else to feature on the NBA’s logo and he has one man in mind for the job. The former Lakers star was one of the best players in the world during the ’60s, but he thinks another legendary player should be the focus. West thinks Michael Jordan is the ideal person to represent the NBA should they choose to redesign their logo.

Jerry West became the man behind the logo just by chance that his image worked with the design. 50 years later and his silhouette is still being used, even though the man himself thinks there are better candidates.