The Biggest Contracts In NFL History

Football players at the top of the sport can really earn big money. All it takes is someone at their franchise to believe in them, and they can be the subjects of $100 million contracts. These are the biggest contracts ever in NFL history.

The Biggest Contracts In NFL History

Michael Vick – $130 Million

In 2004 Michael Vick was thought to be the best player in the league and the Atlanta Falcons wanted to make sure he stuck around. They gave him a $130 million contract, but Vick only stuck around for a little while before he ended up in jail.

Vick was found guilty of involvement in an illegal dog-fighting ring and was suspended from playing. He later returned to the league with the Eagles, but his contract wasn’t quite at the same level due to his history.

The Biggest Contracts In NFL History

Calvin Johnson – $132 Million

Just because a football player signs a contract doesn’t mean they earn every penny from it. Calvin Johnson is now retired, but in 2014 he signed what was then the largest NFL contract in history. The giant wide receiver signed with the Lions and looked like he might be able to lead them to Super Bowl glory for once in their history.

His contract was worth $132 million, but the wide receiver walked away from the sport not long into his eight-year deal. Needless to say, Johnson missed out on a lot of cash by deciding to leave football behind.

The Biggest Contracts In NFL History

Andrew Luck – $140 Million

The Indianapolis Colts gave Andrew Luck the biggest contract in the history of football by offering him $140 million over six years. He signed it in 2016, and the Colts clearly believe Luck can blossom into one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of their franchise, and the league.

He is set to earn on average $23.3 million per season, and the Colts are putting all of their eggs into one basket with Luck. The Colts will feel justified in offering him such a large contract if he can somehow deliver a Super Bowl to Indianapolis.

It pays really well to be good at sports. Just look at these football players who ended up getting the biggest contracts in NFL history. Two of three of them didn’t even complete them so time will tell if Andrew Luck can see out his record-breaking deal.