The Biggest Comebacks In The History Of The NFL

In professional sports you can’t assume you’ve won a game until it’s over. Some teams have been way down on the scoreboard in the NFL but found it within themselves to dig deep and overturn the biggest deficits ever to win. These are the biggest comebacks in the history of the NFL.

The Biggest Comebacks In The History Of The NFL

1993, Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Oilers – 32 Points

This game became known as “The Comeback” after the Bills somehow fought their way to victory from the unlikeliest of losing positions. At the beginning of the second half in 1993 the Bills had just conceded a touchdown, and the score was 35-3 to the Oilers.

Frank Reich stepped into the Bills team in place of their starting QB and eventually played the game of his life. He threw like a man possessed as the game clock was winding down and a 32-yard field goal completed the comeback win for the Bills.

1980, San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints – 28 Points

This regular season game between these two teams made a hero out of legendary quarterback Joe Montana. The 49ers were down 35-7 at half time, but Montana kept his cool thanks to three touchdowns from the quarterback. This game earned him the nickname “Joe Cool” because he never panicked, even though it was just his second NFL season.

The Biggest Comebacks In The History Of The NFL

2017, New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons – 25 Points

There have been greater comeback victories in terms of the scoreboard, but there has never been a bigger occasion for such a spectacular score reversal. The Patriots were down by 25 points in the third quarter of the Super Bowl, and Tom Brady’s winning machine was struggling.

With just 8:31 left in the final quarter the Falcons were looking like champs as they were leading 28-12. Then Julian Edelman caught a pass he had no right to, and things escalated. The Patriots were able to tie the game and managed to edge out the game in overtime. It is perhaps the most dramatic conclusion to a Super Bowl game ever thanks to the huge comeback victory by the Patriots.

These are the greatest comebacks in NFL history thanks to the guts shown by everyone to pull themselves out of a hole. They could have easily given up, but then they never would have made history with these iconic victories.