Everything You Need to Know About the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy

Exploring the Intriguing Details of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy

In the summer months of 2023, the sandy shores of Australia and New Zealand witnessed an exhilarating showdown among 32 teams, all battling for the coveted title in women’s international soccer. While stalwarts like the USA and Germany sought repeated glory, nations like France, England, and Australia set their sights on claiming the ultimate prize for the first time. As players aspired to hoist the iconic trophy up amidst cheers, let’s unveil the captivating tale of the FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy itself.

The Captivating Design and Dimensions

Since 1999, the Women’s World Cup trophy has showcased a distinct cone-shaped base, engraved with the names of past champions. FIFA characterizes the trophy as a reflection of the spirit of international women’s soccer, with its spiral band elegantly embracing a football at its zenith. Standing tall at 19 in and weighing 10 lb, the Women’s World Cup trophy is slightly lighter than the male counterpart while boasting greater height. The men’s trophy, on the other hand, stands at 13.7 in and carries a weight of 13.6 lb.

The Composition and Value

The Composition and Value

Crafted from gold-plated brass and Candeias granite for the base, the Women’s World Cup trophy features a gold disc inscribed with previous winners’ names. Bronze and polished aluminum complete the composition of this stunning trophy. In contrast, the men’s trophy supposedly consists of solid 18-karat gold, although this assertion is met with skepticism due to the perceived impractical weight. With an estimated value of $30,000 in 2015, the Women’s World Cup trophy commands respect. However, this value pales in comparison to the staggering $20 million attributed to the men’s World Cup trophy.

The Makers and Legacy

Designed by William Sawaya and meticulously hand-crafted by Milanese artisans Sawaya and Moroni in 1998, the Women’s World Cup trophy holds a rich history. It first gleamed in the hands of the USA team in 1999, following their triumph on home soil. Germany and Japan have also celebrated victories with this iconic trophy.

Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access

There are two trophies that exist- the original and a replica known as the winners’ trophy. The original trophy is presented to the winning team after the World Cup final, evoking a lifelong dream for players. The replica trophy is given away to the winning team. However, it’s subsequently returned to FIFA and held in a discreet location, making appearances at significant events. FIFA officials, former winners, and leaders are among the elite few permitted to touch the trophy, as per FIFA’s regulations.

Tom Brady Has Returned to the Buccaneers and has Denied Being on ‘The Masked Singer’

During the NFL training camps of the last few weeks, a big story revolving around Tom Brady has become one of the most talked-about topics. The story goes that the reason for his unusual leave and absence from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers camp is that he was filming for the anonymous singing competition show known as The Masked Singer. The theory floated around Reddit and Twitter and became a dream to cling on for many fans.

Tom Brady Will Not Be on The Masked Singer but Back on the Field

Tom Brady playing for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers As sad as it may be for the many Tom Brady fans, he has debunked the hilarious but intriguing theory that he will appear on The Masked Singer. He did so by tweeting an advertisement for his upcoming apparel brand in which he stated that he wasn’t on the show but was wearing a mask. The advertisement was a short video of a biker who was riding a motorcycle with nothing but his underwear, helmet, shoes, and gloves.

Tom Brady Has a Technical Apparel Brand Called Brady

While “Brady” is still nothing more than a clothing brand, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has trademarked his name across many other product categories. These include clothing, furniture, workout equipment, skincare products, and more. For now, though, he is focusing on what’s already out and promoting his clothing products.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady stepped away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 11 days this preseason, stating that he was going to attend to personal matters. It seems that those personal matters did not have anything to do with The Masked Singer. While he had short absences during past preseasons, this is the first time in his career he has taken such a big portion of time off during preseason or training camp, which probably sparked the various rumors.

The Buccaneers will open their regular-season campaign with a match against the Dallas Cowboys on 11 September. While Brady led the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns last season, he is going through 2022 without Pro Bowl center Ryan Jensen who suffered a knee injury.