The UK Exhibition Match of Floyd Mayweather Failed to Draw Crowds

Floyd Mayweather and his entourage arrived at the O2 Arena for his UK debut. However, it appeared that the fans were not particularly interested. The 20,000-capacity stadium was only half full when Mayweather faced off against Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers on February 25th.

Floyd Mayweather Failed to Draw Crowds

Floyd Mayweather VS Aaron Chalmers
Floyd Mayweather Failed to Draw Crowds

The exhibition match seemed to be taken lightly by the former world champion, who spent most of the fight teasing his opponent, a reality TV personality. Floyd Mayweather won all eight rounds with ease. However, it appeared that the fans did not take the fight as seriously as Mayweather did, as very few of them showed up. The broadcast of the event focused solely on the ring, with no shots of the crowd.

Despite the presence of some fans, photos and videos from the event revealed hundreds of empty seats scattered throughout the arena. Some reports suggested that a ticket agency attempted to sell off remaining tickets for as little as $6 on the night of the fight. Initially, neither Aaron Chalmers nor Floyd Mayweather made any reference to the sparse attendance.

After the fight, Floyd Mayweather expressed his appreciation towards his UK fans and credited them for turning the country into a boxing Mecca. He stated he would like to thank all the unbelievable UK fans, adding he was glad that he came. He further stated that if the fans wanted him to come back, he would. However, after the fight, Mayweather acknowledged the low turnout, attributing it to the late release of tickets.

Mayweather Blamed the Failure to Tickets

The almost empty O2 Arena before the Floyd Mayweather VS Aaron Chalmers match.
Mayweather Blamed the Failure to Tickets

Mayweather expressed his belief that the tickets should have been made available for purchase at a faster rate. He acknowledged that his new team was still learning and commended them, stating that the situation was not their fault. However, he noted that when they host fights in the US, tickets go on sale as soon as the fight is announced, and for this fight, the announcement was made, but the tickets did not go on sale until some weeks later.

Following his retirement, the undefeated champion Mayweather has been engaging in a series of exhibition fights, such as those against Logan Paul and Deji Olatunji, which were mainly held in the Middle East. In light of the recent low attendance, it is uncertain whether or not the American fighter will consider returning to the UK.

Aaron Rodgers Acknowledges Life After Football Will Be Hard

Aaron Rodgers

As the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers for over two decades, Aaron Rodgers has been synonymous with football. As he approaches the end of his career, however soon that may be, he has admitted it’s not “all ball all the time.” Activities outside sports matter a lot to the footballer.

Aaron Rodgers Considered Retiring in 2020

Remember that not too long ago, after serving as a two-week guest host, the soon-to-be 39-year-old Aaron Rodgers seriously considered retiring after the 2020 season and wanted to be the full-time Jeopardy host. He frequently appeared on podcasts during the offseason.

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is, of course, thinking about life after football. He realizes he will then have more time to spend on interests outside the game, and this is something he is looking forward to. The footballer is aiming to balance his career and personal life. This is important to him. Rodgers also mentions that his outside interests haven’t changed his preparation for games this season. Even though he has other things in his life, he is not eager to end his football career and doesn’t yet know when that end will happen.

Despite the Packers’ decline to 4-7 and exclusion from the NFC playoff picture, Aaron Rodgers, has a 19:7 touchdown to interception ratio this year after back-to-back MVP campaigns.

Will Rodgers Become a Manager?

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers admitted that management would be the only thing that might pique his interest. He also stated that he had “zero interest” in following in the footsteps of former players who have transitioned from wearing the pads to wearing the headset as head coaches.

Rodgers admitted that he did not know how much longer he would continue to play football, although he signed an agreement during the previous offseason that provided for him the highest average pay in the NFL ($50 million for the first three years).