Tom Brady Had a Problem With a Camera Operator Intruding on a Huddle

Tom Brady really wasn’t okay with the way a FOX camera operator was going near the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ huddle. When a player like him has been in the NFL for as long as he has, he should be prepared for the presence of cameras on the field as a part of the game’s presentation, but not this time.

Tom Brady Had Little Patience

Tom Brady during a game This season had already been different for Brady, and it seemed his patience was now running short. This is probably because earlier this season, Tom Brady was caught on camera berating the offensive line on the sideline. The moment went viral thanks to a FOX camera that was expertly placed to catch such situations. So, during a recent game against the Cleveland Browns, Brady wouldn’t allow another moment like that to occur. He didn’t want to let viewers listen to another Tampa Bay Buccaneers conversation and his huddle with his teammates, so he took action. As the camera was focusing on him, Brady gestured at it and told the operator to go away.

Fans Joked With Brady

Naturally, NFL fans found the situation amusing and took to Twitter to make fun of the quarterback, thinking it was hilarious. Some said that Tom Brady couldn’t concentrate properly because he was having flashbacks thinking about the way the media would react to his gestures. The game didn’t go the way of the Buccaneers, and they lost to the Cleveland Browns.

An unhappy Tom Brady

Aside from the show with the FOX camera and its operator, the Cleveland Browns’ victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers featured many promising outcomes and interesting stories for both individual players and the teams. The Browns offense was built to overpower its opponents, and their receivers met expectations. There were multiple long runs and blocks of the Buccaneers’ corners, and the win came to the team that was better.

LeBron James Apologizes to Lakers Fans for the Team’s Poor Results

LeBron James during a game for the Lakers

Professional sports are a feast to the eye. When our team is winning – it may feel like we’re on cloud nine. It’s when our favorite players are off to a disappointing start of the season, however, that we’re usually quick to judge and point fingers. Before Lakers fans had the chance to do that, LeBron James himself took to Twitter to apologize for the team’s rocky performance.

LeBron James Addressed Fans on Twitter

On the Sunday afternoon of January 17, fans were surprised to see a tweet from LeBron James. In it, the All-Star basketball player addressed #LakerNation to apologize and promise that he and the team would do better. The tweet came as a result of the Lakers’ 21-22 result on the season, which can barely get them in the playoffs as the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference.

LeBron James tweets to apologize to fans The Los Angeles favorites have had a troubling start of the season as everyone expected them to contend for a championship title this year after getting Russell Westbrook on the team. However, their performance has been disappointing, to say the least.

A Rocky Season for the Lakers

One of the reasons that the Lakers haven’t performed well is the absence of Anthony Davis, who got a knee injury during the December 17 game against the Timberwolves in the third quarter. The superstar isn’t the only Lakers player to suffer injuries this season. The team also had several cases of the virus, which has contributed to the Lakers getting a foothold in the Western Conference standings.

Lakers Logo

Despite LeBron James still competing at full force and putting up some incredible numbers (he’s currently averaging at 28.9 points, 6.5 assists, and 7.5 rebounds per game), it would seem that the team’s woes are definitely not on James. Nevertheless, he’s the one apologizing for it… What a true champ!