Georgia Star Nakobe Dean Celebrates Win… With Alabama Hat

Nakobe Dean

Wardrobe mishaps happen all the time, but we all pay attention when they happen to famous people. So, when Georgia’s Bulldogs star linebacker Nakobe Dean was spotted wearing an Alabama hat after the team won the national championship title in College Football, things got a little awkward.

The Curious Alabama Hat Mishap

Any sports fan knows the importance of having pre-printed clothing of their favorite team or player. Celebrating their wins by wearing those branded shirts and hats makes victories all the more special. It seems like Nakobe Dean was aiming to do just that… but he tragically failed. Whether an equipment manager handed the wrong hat or Dean grabbed the first hat he could find is unclear.

Nakobe Dean wearing the wrong hat (an Alabama hat) after the championship victory with Georgia's Bulldogs

The result was both confusing and comedic to fans. He wore a hat with the letter A instead of the Bulldogs’ signature G. Luckily, Dean realized what he’d done on time and put on the correct Georgia hat during the team’s trophy presentation and the postgame press conference. Unlike fans on social media, the star linebacker seemed unfazed by the mishap.

A Great End of the Season for Nakobe Dean

Fortunately for the Bulldogs talented star linebacker, the hat mishap came after winning the College Football Championship and closing the season in style. Otherwise, the media might not have been so forgiving of his mistake. After all, the Bulldogs managed to beat none other than Alabama’s Crimson Tide 33-18, thus sealing the first stop of the championship. This victory marked Georgia’s first national championship title since 1980.

Nakobe Dean

Nakobe Dean finished the season with a touchdown, two forced fumbles, two interceptions, five defended passes, six sacks, 10.5 tackles for loss, 25 QB hits, and 72 tackles. It’s still unclear whether Dean will return to Georgia for his senior year, or he’d declare for the 2022 NFL Draft. We’ll wait and see!

Bronny James Explores 4 Potential College Suitor Options

LeBron James is passing on the ropes to his son. His eldest son is named Bronny James, and he’s one of the most interesting basketball recruits in the United States. Not only is his dad presumed to be the greatest basketball player ever, but anything and everything that Bronny does is looked at under a magnifying glass. Now, he even has colleges taking a closer look.

Bronny James Is Part of the 2023 Recruiting Class

Bronny James playing backetball Aside from being his dad’s son, Bronny would likely still have his name at the top of the 2023 recruiting class based on his skill. Bronny James, both a top 30 overall recruit and also a top 5 or 6 combo guard. His resilience is what stands out about him the most and the fact that he’s bounced back strongly following a horrific injury and from his poor performance on the court.

In terms of Bronny’s next chapter, reports have revealed 4 legit college suitors that he might have to consider. The institutions that are showing an early interest in Bronny James include North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas. All the scouts that examined Bronny as he played have left positive takeaways.

Where Will Bronny Attend College?

Bronny James on the basketball court The question still stands as far as where Bronny James will end up going to college. In the past, LeBron has made it quite clear that he wants to be able to play in the NBA with Bronny by his side one day. However, for that dream to come true, Bronny is going to need to develop a rigid plan. One of the keys to it all is for Bronny to go pro sooner rather than later.

While Bronny’s recruitment process hasn’t officially started, the situation in the next few weeks and months will determine how likely it will be that he will play alongside his dad in the NBA.