The Best MLB Ballpark Giveaways Of The 2019 Season

One of the best things about being a supporter of baseball is the giveaways at each stadium. Every year the teams organize giveaways to reward the fans for sticking with the franchise. Count yourself lucky if you frequent these ballparks, as they are the best MLB giveaways of the 2019 season.

The Best MLB Ballpark Giveaways Of The 2019 Season

The New York Yankees – CC Sabathia Jedi Bobblehead

It’s not uncommon for a baseball team to give bobbleheads to their fans, as you probably already know. What is unique about this bobblehead is that the promotion falls on May 4, otherwise known as Star Wars Day.

To celebrate this worldwide event, the Yankees are giving away a bobblehead of their starting pitcher CC Sabathia, but in Jedi form. Some fans will miss out on the giveaway as only the first 40,000 through the gates will get their hands on one.

The Cleveland Indians – Replica Ballpark

This season is going to be one of celebration for the Indians, no matter how well they do in the league. Their ballpark is not so new anymore, and the franchise is celebrating its 25th year there. On June 22 they will be giving away a replica ballpark of Progressive Field to the first 18,000 fans through the gates.

The Best MLB Ballpark Giveaways Of The 2019 Season

Miami Marlins – Fedora Giveaway

What better way to bring fans together than a fedora celebration? When the Marlins host the Pirates on June 15, they will be encouraging everyone to wear a fedora hat. Don’t have your own? Not to worry as they’ll be giving them out to the first 10,000 fans who make through the gate. It seems as though the Marlins are taking a step back in time to bring people together.

Chicago Cubs – Javier Baez Sliding Coin Bank

The Cubbies are encouraging their fans to save money by giving away a sliding coin bank. Which player is sliding their way to base as you deposit your change? None other than their current number nine Javier Baez. Fans will need to be quick if they want to get their hands on this amazing giveaway as only the first 10,000 will be lucky enough to take it home.

Make sure to get yourselves to these ballparks to take advantage of their amazing giveaways. The key is to arrive early to avoid missing out on your very own piece of franchise history.