This Is How Much Mike Tyson Wanted for an Exhibition Fight

Mike Tyson was once the most feared name in boxing, and it seems as though the 53-year-old is ready to come out of retirement. Despite not boxing competitively for over a decade, Tyson was looking for an astronomical fee for an exhibition fight.

This Is How Much Mike Tyson Wanted for an Exhibition Fight

Getting Back in Shape

Images were released in recent months of Mike Tyson showing off his quick hands and boxing skills. That video went viral, and talks soon began of ‘Iron Mike’ returning to the ring. Judging by his skills in the videos, it doesn’t look like he has missed a beat, but will we see Tyson stepping into the ring anytime soon?

Tyson Vs. Tyson

Mike Tyson announced that he would be returning to the boxing ring to exclusively fight in exhibition matches. He was reportedly offered $20 million to compete in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, but Tyson turned that down. Tyson’s people then got in contact with one of the biggest stars in heavyweight boxing today, Tyson Fury. Fury claimed talks were positive, but nothing ever came of it.

The heavyweight champion explained in an interview with iFL TV that Mike Tyson asked for $500 million to step into the ring. Needless to say, nothing ever materialized. Fury also claimed that he only received a $10 million offer from ESPN to take the fight with the returning legend.

This Is How Much Mike Tyson Wanted for an Exhibition Fight

Nothing to Gain

The current WBC heavyweight champion said taking the fight with Iron Mike was a lose-lose for him. He either got knocked out by a 53-year-old man or was a bully for beating a boxer way past his peak.

Boxing has always been a lucrative sport, but it looks like Mike Tyson might need to ask for a bit less if he’s going to return to the boxing ring. With Tyson asking for $500 million, it’s going to have to be one special exhibition fight for his dream to become a reality.