The Masters 2020 Will Be Unfamiliar This Year With No Patrons Or Fans In Attendance

The Masters is usually one of the most hotly anticipated events in the golfing calendar, but in 2020 it’s going to look very different. In fact, the Masters 2020 will be unfamiliar this year with no patrons of fans in attendance.

A Postponed Event

For starters, the 2020 Masters will be different this year because it’s taking place at a different time of the year. Usually held in the springtime, this year’s pandemic saw the famous event delayed.

While the organizers of the Masters didn’t want to cancel, they had to find the right time to bring the event to the masses. The Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, Fred Riley, recently announced that the Masters will be held at the famous course from November 9 until 15. However, there are going to be changes.

An Empty Course

Typically, you would expect to find thousands of fans around the course, watching the best golfers in the world take on one of the toughest challenges in the sport. However, this year there will be no fans or even patrons of the Augusta National Golf Club allowed to watch the major.

To ensure the safety of guests and patrons, the golf course made the decision to banish anyone from the event who doesn’t need to be there. Of course, the guests who come to the event are part of what makes it so special, but the organizers felt the only safe way to hold the tournament was without them.

Returning Next Year

Augusta’s chairman made the announcement via a course statement. Riley added that next year the Masters will return to its regular April slot, and fans who bought tickets but didn’t get to go this year will be guaranteed tickets.

Unfortunately, the global situation in 2020 has changed many things. One of those things was the 2020 Masters, but while it will seem very different, at least it’s still going ahead.

Harry Miller Has Donated Earnings to Nicaraguan Humanitarian Efforts

Harry Miller

Harry Miller, who plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, has recently gone on his annual mission trip to Nicaragua. The athlete has done so since he was in middle school, and in a recent interview, he shared that he planned to donate all of his name, image, and likeness earnings to specific Nicaraguan humanitarian efforts.

Harry Miller Is the Ohio State Buckeyes’ Junior Offensive Lineman

Harry Miller as the Ohio State Buckeyes’ Junior Offensive Lineman Miller, who is also a former star prospect from Buford, GA, has been doing his annual mission trips to the Central American country ever since he was in seventh grade. There, he helps operate a school and gets involved in distributing food and medicine to less-fortunate Los Brasiles families. In a statement, he said that one doesn’t need much to have much. He pointed out that this is probably the biggest lesson he has learned during his time in Nicaragua.

Harry Miller Has Missed Almost Every Game This Season Because of Health Issues

Last season, Harry Miller started seven games as a left guard for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team but has, so far, missed all but two games this fall. This is apparently due to unspecified health issues he is experiencing. However, the athlete was recently named to the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team because of his constant philanthropic efforts in Nicaragua.

Harry Miller in Nicaragua

Allstate has also donated $10,000 to a charity of Miller’s choice to further benefit those in need in Nicaragua. There, most people live below the poverty line and can use all the help they can get. To Harry Miller, the Allstate donation was a great gift. He has also sold merchandise at an online pop-up shop and donated all proceeds to the mission. As college athletes have to navigate the new name, image, and likeness rules that come into validity this fall, one football player already knew that he’d donate his NIL money to people in Nicaragua who need it. The young athlete is certainly setting a good example for his colleagues and other athletes.