Did Drake Go Too Far With His Antics In The NBA Playoffs?

In the last couple of weeks of the NBA playoffs and finals, one man has been grabbing headlines perhaps more than he should. The rapper Drake has been more active on the court that some of the players as he has been geeing up the Toronto Raptors players. Drake’s presence at courtside is often more distracting than anything but is he going too far?

Did Drake Go Too Far With His Antics In The NBA Playoffs?

Showing His Support

Drake has never hidden his love of the Toronto Raptors, and it wasn’t a huge surprise to see him courtside when his team made the NBA playoffs. What soon became an issue though was just how involved the rap star was getting. After all, the sport is played by the athletes, and the coaches do the coaching, but to look at him, Drake was a part of the team.

He was spotted rubbing Nick Nurse’s shoulders, and his trolling game is off the charts. Superstars such as Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Giannis Antetokounmpo have all been targeted by the rapper from the sidelines.

How Far Is Too Far?

Drake has just as much right to celebrate and enjoy the Raptors run to the finals as anyone else, but is he overstepping the mark? At times the rapper has been getting in the face of opponents while trying to rile them up.

If it was a member of the Raptors’ bench doing what Drake was doing, would there be some kind of disciplinary action? Tensions are high on the court and players don’t really need Drakes’ overzealous grinning face beaming at them when they step off the court.

Did Drake Go Too Far With His Antics In The NBA Playoffs?

There Are Boundaries

Drake is more than welcome to be as loud and proud about the Raptors as he wants, but there are boundaries put in place for a reason. Fans aren’t allowed to get as close to the action as Drake does and it sets a dangerous precedent for superfans in the future. In seeing the influence Drake’s antics have had on opposing players, other superfans of other teams might be encouraged to do the same.

Drake is sticking within the rules, so even though some people don’t like it, technically he’s not doing anything wrong. Some people might not think he’s morally doing the right thing, but Drake won’t care.