Chicago Bears’ Fan With Kidney Failure Gets Help From Audience

Among the many enthusiastic fans in the Chicago Bears crowd last week, one man was there with a very different message.

As much as he loves the bears, Marcus Edwards went to this recent game after experiencing the scare of his life. And unfortunately, it isn’t over yet.

During a work trip, he experienced severe kidney failure that sent him to the ER, where he was given the bad news that there would be no turnaround for his organs. As he and his family struggled to cope with the news, he had an idea that he hopes will turn his circumstances around…

Bears Love

Marcus made the journey from Jeffersonville to the Bears game, with a sign in hand that he believed could be his last hope. But fortunately, it wasn’t. As the game cameras made their way around the crowd, they eventually landed on Marcus and his sign – imploring the audience to find a way to get involved with the kidney needs of the world. After realizing that the man on the screen was right nearby, another fan standing close to them came over to give her best wishes.

Then, she went one step further, taking a photo of Edwards with his sign to share across social media.

The post got lots of attention, even moreso when he shared her post with his own message, which read:

“To all my family and friends I am reaching out for help. June 1, 2019 I experienced acute kidney failure. I had traveled to Florida for training for work….I told my co workers that im going to lay down…That was the last time that I left my room. I started to swell and I could not breath, fluid was building up around my lungs. At this point all I could think about was making it home to my family….Once I landed in Ky, I asked my brother to take me to the ER. After a few test my kidneys had failed and i needed emergency Dialysis. From that day I have been on dialysis. My kidneys are done and will not rebound. My wife and I have been through training to give me treatments at home. It has been tough both mentally and physically. My wife my rock has been there every step of the way. My kids have also been strong and constant encouragement that this is going to be alright. So I need a kidney, i am asking that everyone please share this post and if you can please donate a kidney.If you could contact the transplant coordinator they will get you set up for typing. That will be the start. You can do the testing close to home. Thank you for you support.”

Message Of Hope

Edwards is on dialysis five days a week. With the help of his wife to facilitate the treatment and take the brunt of childcare so that he can continue to recuperate, they are hoping for a donor match soon. But the cost of a transplant is around $250,000. Because of this, the friendly fan and his wife set up a GoFundMe to help make the family able to take care of whatever further needs arise.

The family has received amazing outreach so far, and seem to have inspired a large turnout of kidney donors. “Your responses have been amazing! I told you we could do this! THANK you! Marcus has responded to over 1,000 text messages and has hundreds of missed calls that he’s trying to return as he can,” Jenkins wrote. “His voicemail is currently full and working on it! Several people have called in to inquire and started the testing process. They are reviewing his case on TUESDAY!”

The family would like to remind everyone out there that anyone can be tested to be a donor, and even if they aren’t a match for a specific person in mind, they will most likely be able to help someone else.

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