Bubble Fatigue Is Proving To Be A Real Issue For NHL Stars

You might think the NHL stars have it easy in the safety of their playoff bubble, but it seems that is not the case. Life inside is taking its toll, and bubble fatigue is a real issue for NHL stars.

Life Of Luxury

The NHL players have been split between Edmonton and Toronto as the league tries to declare a Stanley Cup winner. Players are confined to their luxury hotels, complete with amenities, but many have spent over a month cooped up there.

The confinement is beginning to take its toll on the NHL players according to Stars interim coach, Rick Bowness. The Stars coach said that everyone is trying to make the best of the situation but says life inside the bubble “is mentally tough.”

Unusual Circumstances

There is no getting away from the fact that 2020 has been rough. Life has been disrupted, and sports are feeling that impact like many other industries. With players, coaches, and auxiliary staff living in close quarters, there is no escape from hockey during life in the bubble.

A Tough Situation

Bowness said that unless people lived in the bubble, they didn’t really understand it. On top of having a lack of freedom and being separated from their families, people are undergoing daily medical testing.

It’s tough, and Blackhawks GM, Stan Bowman, likened life inside the bubble to prison. Players and coaches feel trapped because they can’t leave without compromising their playoffs.

Rick Tocchet, the Arizona Coyotes coach, said life is monotonous, and he predicts the teams who will go farthest in the playoffs are those with the greatest mental strength.

Everyone included inside the NHL bubble is determined to make their suffering count for something and win the Stanley Cup. Only one team can win, but we’re sure everyone involved in the NHL playoffs will be glad to get their freedom back once the season is over and the bubble fatigue bursts.

The Greatest MLS Players in the History of the League

The MLS has had some great players over the years. From home-grown talents to foreign imports, these are the greatest MLS players in the history of the league.

The Greatest MLS Players in the History of the League

Landon Donovan

Quite simply, there hasn’t been an American player quite like Landon Donovan. The forward showed he could play in pretty much any league in the world and was the great hope for the United States National Team for years. During his time in the MLS, Donovan collected four MLS titles and two Supporters’ Shields. Donovan made the MLS Best XI seven times in his career and became the all-time assist leader with 136. The player did so much for American soccer that in 2015 the MLS renamed the MVP award to the ‘Landon Donovan MVP Award.’

The Greatest MLS Players in the History of the League

David Beckham

There was no denying that bringing a star like David Beckham to Los Angeles made the MLS much more popular. Beckham joined the league in 2007 and won two MLS Cups. Although he was criticized for returning to Europe whenever possible, Beckham’s time with the Galaxy was nothing but a success. The English midfielder had 40 assists and scored a bunch of trademark unforgettable free-kick goals.

The Greatest MLS Players in the History of the League

Robbie Keane

David Beckham might have been responsible for raising the profile of the MLS, but Robbie Keane might be the best foreign import the league has ever seen. He joined LA Galaxy with one aim, scoring a ton of goals. In just 125 games in the MLS, the Irishman scored 83 goals, winning three MLS Cups during his short time in the league. Keane was at the end of his professional career but proved he still had what it took during his MLS seasons.

There were many MLS players to choose from, but these are the guys who had the biggest impact on the league. Their skills with the ball brought millions of eyes to the MLS, helping it become what it is today.