WNBA Is the Most Loyal League to the Social Justice Movement in 2020

the WNBA supports the Black Lives Matter movement

When the WNBA launched in 1997, their marketing slogan was “We got next.” Though plenty of media set their klieg lights on the NFL, the NBA, even MLB, the fact is that when it came to the most meaningful change, the line formed behind the WNBA.

Katherine Johnson With a Significant Contribution

2020 has been hard on the Black community, as it lost several of its giants. Few of them were as respected as they were overlooked as Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician. Thanks to her, both space travel and landing on the Moon are possible. Johnson, who passed away in February at the age of 101, was a key figure to John Glenn’s 1962 space mission. He specifically requested her to review the special pre-flight checklist before becoming the first American astronaut to orbit the planet.

A basketball ball In the second week of October, before the Lakers hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy, an ongoing conversation on a radio show centered on this city’s professional championship drought. It was mostly light and fun talk radio fare, however, it started to get chippy because of one question – “Who was the last team to win it all?”

The Most Intense Moment In WNBA for 2020

People can still remember when Nneka Ogwumike, who is the season’s most valuable player, grabbed an offensive rebound and hit the shot that helped them win the championship over the reach of Minnesota Lynx center Sylvia Fowles, who is the defensive player of the year, with only 3.1 seconds left.

Nneka Ogwumike The very existence of the WNBA, which is nearly 70% Black is, in fact, a protest against a patriarchal industry that overwhelmingly celebrates male athletic achievement. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Black women are key breadwinners in over 80% of their households but take home 62 cents for every dollar a white man makes.

The Woman Who Got Into It with LeBron James at a Game Apologizes

Things escalated quickly during last Monday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks. Juliana Carlos was one of the instigators behind what went down, and she is now apologizing and taking full responsibility for her argument with LeBron James.

LeBron James playing for the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Atlanta Hawks in Monday night's game.

Apologizing to LeBron James

Juliana Carlos took to her Instagram to make a public apology for screaming, yelling, and even cursing at LeBron James during the game. She admitted that she lost her cool and even removed her mask due to the heat of the moment.

Carlos added that her husband was a huge fan of all sports and that she didn’t think sports would be sports without some trash talk. She stated that the altercation could have been a quick back-and-forth between the two adults, but it got out of hand and she ended up standing up for her man.

She got defensive, used offensive language, and would have taken the higher road. She even got ejected from the game, along with her husband. However, Juliana Carlos takes full responsibility for her actions and apologized to LeBron James.

What Was the Reason for the Argument?

During the Lakers vs. Hawks game that took place in Atlanta, Juliana Carlos, who is an Instagram model, sat courtside with her husband, Chris Carlos.

Chris reportedly got into a heated verbal argument with LeBron James and later, Juliana got involved. However, she took things to another level by screaming, cussing, and even flipping off LeBron.

LeBron James and his teammates wait as the game was stopped by referees to eject 2 crowd members.

The argument got so intense that the referees stopped the game and ejected Juliana and her husband from the building. Juliana then took to her IG live to tell her side of the story. According to her, it all started after LeBron had said something to her husband and she stood up to tell LeBron not to talk to her husband like that. LeBron James then apparently told her to “Sit the f**k down, b***h.”