Why Super Bowl Winners Are Called World Champions

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Regardless of how big a deal the Super Bowl is in the US, it’s not really watched all over the world. In fact, football as we know it (referred to as American Football in other countries) isn’t played all over the world. Which begs the question, why are the Super Bowl winners called World Champions?

The Question

People began asking this question online prior to the 2024 Super Bowl. One social media user posted, “​​Why do American athletes, and fans alike, claim to be world champions when their side wins the Super Bowl? There is something like 200 countries in the world and winning the highest level of sport in one of those countries can’t possibly be considered world champions. The Super Bowl winners are national champions at best. There is a big, wide world outside America, and as an outsider looking in it seems a lot of Americans don’t realize this.” This questionable term was coined back at the first Super Bowl, in 1967.

The Answer

Many NFL fans took to social media to defend the Super Bowl winners being called World Champions. After all, it’s worth pointing out that for the first three years of the Super Bowl, it wasn’t called the Super Bowl at all! It was originally titled the AFL-NFL World Championship Game, making it perfectly reasonable to call the winners World Champions. One person took to social media to write, “The winners are world champs because there are no other American football teams out there in the world! There are no other teams that play American football so the claim is justified. Also getting worked up over ‘world champ’ is really ridiculous. It’s not really important and it’s nitpicking someone’s achievements.”

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That sounds reasonable to us!

Doug Pederson Made a Chill-Inducing Speech After Jaguars Win

Professional Football Team, Jacksonville Jaguars

It has been a while since the beloved Jacksonville, Florida football team, the Jaguars, had such a crazy win as they recently did in their hometown. Countless fans followed the game and were left stunned at the big win, and they owe it all to experienced head coach Doug Pederson. Without him, they wouldn’t have been so prepared for the incredible victory!

Doug Pederson, the Head Coach

Doug Pederson, head coach for NFL team, the Jaguars of Jacksonville, Florida

Douglas Irvin Pederson is the 54-year-old head coach with whom everyone is familiar. As a former quarterback, he uses his experience in the game and innate sense to whip up his NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. His coaching and advice for the players were not in vain, as their recent playoff with the Chargers ended in glory for the Jaguars!

The Jaguars’ Big Win

The Jaguars’ Big Win

The Jaguars managed to pull off a huge, as some might say, one of the biggest comebacks in NFL playoff history. They beat their rival team, the LA Chargers, 31-30, in what some might call a thriller game! However tough the game was, their skills and preparedness helped, and they have their head coach, Pederson, to thank. He is the main reason for their chilling win against the Chargers.

The Powerful, Chilling Victory Speech

The Powerful, Chilling Victory Speech

The speech Doug Pederson made after the Jaguars proudly won against the rival team, the Chargers, was both powerful and sweet. It was about believing in yourself and how his team has faith. He told them they should believe the win would happen, and so it did. His words sent shivers down everyone’s spine because it was a speech of gratitude and high praise!

Doug Pederson managed to prepare his team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, for their face-off with their rivals LA Chargers. He must have done something right because their wild win sent everyone over the moon. But that wasn’t even the best part. That came afterward when Doug stood before his team and congratulated them with a powerful speech about belief and faith and how the team had plenty of both!