Ryan Reynolds Preparing $1 Billion Bid to Buy Second Sports Team

It seems that Ryan Reynolds is set to acquire a second sports team to add to his impressive portfolio. This news emerged after Wrexham AFC, the struggling Welsh team that the Deadpool star bought in 2020, was promoted to the English Football League. Reynolds purchased Wrexham with fellow actor Rob McElhenney.

Ryan Reynolds May Buy a Hockey Team

Ryan Reynolds May Buy the Ottawa Senators With a $1 Billion Bid
Ryan Reynolds May Buy a Hockey Team

Despite having invested millions into restoring the Red Dragons to their former glory, Ryan Reynolds is reportedly preparing to purchase a second team. It comes as no surprise that the Marvel actor is interested in owning another squad, considering the positive reception to his acquisition of Wrexham. In addition to this, Reynolds has also taken the time to connect with fans at the local establishments and star in the heart-warming Disney+ documentary, Welcome to Wrexham. Following the series’ release in 2022, the Welsh side has made remarkable progress, with Reynolds and McElhenney as proud owners, watching on as their team was recently promoted.

Ryan Reynolds has no intention of abandoning his cherished club, especially after Wrexham FC’s recent victory against Boreham Wood. Reportedly, Reynolds is even planning to purchase a hockey team in his native Canada. Apparently, The Remington Group, a real estate firm, is in talks with Reynolds to buy the Ottawa Senators. Although Reynolds has not publicly commented on the purchase, it is believed that the current team owners, the Melnyk family, are asking for a price tag of up to $1 billion.

A Record-Braking Purchase

A Record-Braking Purchase

Buyers have until May 15th to submit their final offers for the National Hockey League team. Ryan Reynolds is expected to set a new record for the league’s most expensive takeover, being likely to surpass the previous record of $900 million, which was paid for the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2021. While this amount may seem a bit too much, Reynolds is speculated to be capable of breaking this record with his offer.

If Reynolds goes through with the purchase, he will probably follow a similar model to the one he adopted for Wrexham, meaning a complete remodel of the Ottawa Senators and additional investment in the local area, with even a documentary being possible.

LeBron James Accuses Reporters of “Setting Him Up” With a Question

Russel Westbrook took an open jump shot at the end of their game against the Trail Blazers on Sunday, Oct 23. He seemingly has the impression that he would give his team an extra possession. But his decision didn’t pay off, as it turned out. Instead, Westbrook missed the shot, which led to the Trail Blazers winning the game 3-0 after Damian Lillard nailed the winning three-pointer. Fellow teammate LeBron James didn’t seem to like Westbrook’s decision.

How Did LeBron React?

LeBron James

LeBron James appeared rather frustrated with his fellow team player’s choice. After the game, he was asked by a reporter what his philosophy was regarding the idea of going two-for-one possession in the aforementioned situation. Instead of replying, he accused reporters that they were trying to set him up to criticize a fellow teammate.

“I’m starting to feel that this interview is trying to set me up into saying something”, James commented. He went on to say that reporters were trying to get a story from Westbrook’s decision. But he was clear he wouldn’t give them anything to pick up.

More on the Interview

In the interview after the matchup against the Trail Blazers, LeBron also said he hated losing, regardless of the reason. He gave credit to the Blazers, too. But quite clearly, he felt that he was being asked to criticize his fellow teammate during the interview.

LeBron James

He went on to say, “You [i.e., reporters], can write anything you like about Russ and everything you want to try and talk about Russ. But I’m not here to scrutinize others. I won’t do it, and I’ve said it many times before. That’s just not who I am.”