Patrick Mahomes Deserves the MVP Award More Than Anyone Else

Objectively, Patrick Mahomes is the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. Period. However, the MVP is not just a vote held at the end of the season, it’s a discussion starting in September, making it more of a dramatic show instead of an honest assessment of players’ worth.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes Is the Rightful MVP

The QB performed his usual individual medley of brilliance during the Chiefs-Seahawks game. Mahomes was the main reason behind the Chief’s 17-0 lead before winning 24-10. The 27-year-old is also the main reason behind the Kansas City Chiefs being now 12-3 and having a real chance of playing in their third Super Bowl in four years.

Patrick Mahomes fired a fastball into Travis Kelce’s hands for 20 yards during a pressured moment and then did it again for 52 more yards. Several plays later, Mahomes scrambled right and dove for the end zone, somehow managing to rest all his weight on his left hand while his body was horizontal, allowing him to slap the pylon for a touchdown.

Patrick Mahomes during a game

Jalen Hurts Is the Narrative MVP, But…

Jalen Hurts is the hot name, and he is doing great. He is the one who brought the Eagles back into title contention, and this is a much more interesting story, especially for a rookie. Hurts is still on his rookie deal which dollar for dollar; is more valuable than Mahomes’ contract. In other words, the rookie salary gives the Eagles about $40 million more to spend on the rest of the roster.

However, this is the Most Valuable Player award, not the Most Valuable Contract. The reality is that no one outside of Philadelphia would genuinely rather have Hurts than Patrick Mahomes.

MVP Debates Can Be Fun

Most Valuable Player awards can indeed be fun to debate. But now and then, they become an argument beyond common sense. The same goes for every sports award. Voters tend to get numb to greatness and fail to justify voting for somebody other than the “best” player. For example, Michal Jordan won five MVP awards, and LeBron James – four, but they both should have won more.

Patrick Mahomes wins the 2018 MVP

Patrick Mahomes won one MVP award in 2018 as a starter. Back then, he was the fresh story that the narrative needed, and the reality is he did deserve that award. His numbers haven’t improved, but he is a better player now. His latest interceptions against the Bills this year proved that he is the MVP.

The Woman Who Got Into It with LeBron James at a Game Apologizes

Things escalated quickly during last Monday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks. Juliana Carlos was one of the instigators behind what went down, and she is now apologizing and taking full responsibility for her argument with LeBron James.

LeBron James playing for the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Atlanta Hawks in Monday night's game.

Apologizing to LeBron James

Juliana Carlos took to her Instagram to make a public apology for screaming, yelling, and even cursing at LeBron James during the game. She admitted that she lost her cool and even removed her mask due to the heat of the moment.

Carlos added that her husband was a huge fan of all sports and that she didn’t think sports would be sports without some trash talk. She stated that the altercation could have been a quick back-and-forth between the two adults, but it got out of hand and she ended up standing up for her man.

She got defensive, used offensive language, and would have taken the higher road. She even got ejected from the game, along with her husband. However, Juliana Carlos takes full responsibility for her actions and apologized to LeBron James.

What Was the Reason for the Argument?

During the Lakers vs. Hawks game that took place in Atlanta, Juliana Carlos, who is an Instagram model, sat courtside with her husband, Chris Carlos.

Chris reportedly got into a heated verbal argument with LeBron James and later, Juliana got involved. However, she took things to another level by screaming, cussing, and even flipping off LeBron.

LeBron James and his teammates wait as the game was stopped by referees to eject 2 crowd members.

The argument got so intense that the referees stopped the game and ejected Juliana and her husband from the building. Juliana then took to her IG live to tell her side of the story. According to her, it all started after LeBron had said something to her husband and she stood up to tell LeBron not to talk to her husband like that. LeBron James then apparently told her to “Sit the f**k down, b***h.”