Folks, It’s Time to Accept Fate: NFL Season May Be Starting Late

Just one month ago, most of us wouldn’t have imagined ourselves where we are today. And many of us aren’t anywhere near thinking about what’s to come in five months’ time. Well, five months may seem like a long time from now – but not if you ask a professional football player.

Hold That Thought

In five months, the NFL is scheduled to start its 2020 season – but by the looks of it, that might not happen. Coaches and others in the league are starting to talk about pushing the schedule back a bit. Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s because things won’t be patched up nice and clean by that time – we’re almost certain and certainly hopeful that they will be! But between now and then, there’s a lot of practice that will need postponing.

In the meantime, the NFL has just recently closed all team facilities until the tentative date of April 8th, and canceled the upcoming Draft-related events scheduled in Las Vegas.

Folks, It’s Time to Accept Fate: NFL Season May Be Starting Late

As of now, the scheduled April 23-25 dates for the Draft are set to continue – although many modifications will have to be made to compensate for the canceled time.

Word came in from the Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman of this “growing concern” around the NFL. For now, the best possible solution in talks is to shorten the season to 14 games.

“I don’t see how there aren’t massive delays up and down the calendar, including delay to start of season,” the coach informed the report in a text.

Even more difficult right is accepting the hard truth that we just can’t know for sure. But whatever it is, the game will go on as soon as it can, and we will all get through this.

Many of us are excited to see several of these household players’ names on the backs of new jerseys this season. But those players deserve a chance to get in their groove with their new teams before going on to play one of America’s greatest sports!