Did The NFL Helmet Rule Actually Work?

Concussion has been a hot topic in football for a few years, and in 2018 the NFL introduced a new rule to encourage players to tackle differently. Players would be penalized for tackling by lowering their helmets, and some people dispute the success of that new rule. With one year under their belt, NFL officials are looking to make this the year that the helmet rule starts working its magic.

Did The NFL Helmet Rule Actually Work?

Difficulty In Implementing

There was always going to be teething problems when the helmet rule was first introduced to the NFL in 2018. Players and officials had never really worried about it before, but now it’s something they have to be vigilant about.

Players lowering their head to initiate contact is thought to be a significant contributor to concussions. When they are young, football players are encouraged to tackle with their heads up, but there was never a punishment if they didn’t. Now there is.

Did The NFL Helmet Rule Actually Work?

A Violent Game

Football has always been a contact sport, and officials aren’t exactly trying to change that, but players must be protected as much as possible. Officials have been told to pay special attention to the helmet rule once again for the upcoming 2019 football season.

Competition committee chairman Rich McKay said there had to be an adjustment period for the rule. Many felt as though the officials missed several instances of players breaking the helmet rule during the 2018 season, but McKay believes things will be better in future games.

McKay feels as though the officials will get better the more they look for it, but the players will also stop doing it so much. Officials have been studying on the best approach to combating the helmet rule and the 2019 season is going to be make or break for the rule.