NBA Considering 3 International Cities for Expansion Team

Wikimedia Commons // Keith Allison // CCA-SA 2.0 G

In a recent game held in Mexico City between the Magic and Hawks, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver shed light on the league’s contemplation of future expansion, with a particular emphasis on the Mexican capital.

While addressing inquiries about the viability of establishing an NBA franchise in Mexico City, Silver expressed optimism about the “enormous” opportunity it presents for basketball’s growth not only in the city but throughout Latin America.

Exploring Mexico City’s Potential

Acknowledging that even though the NBA isn’t in the market for expansions at the moment, Silver remained receptive to the prospect of Mexico City joining the league, deeming it “very doable.”

The Commissioner’s enthusiasm underscores the league’s strategic approach to tapping into untapped markets and fostering a global fan base. The potential inclusion of Mexico City in the NBA could mark a significant milestone in the league’s international outreach.

Vancouver and Montreal in the Mix

Thearon W. Henderson // Getty Images

However, Mexico City isn’t the sole contender for potential expansion plans. During the broadcast of a game between the Knicks and Celtics, Adam Silver divulged insights into other potential options, notably Canadian cities Vancouver and Montreal. He highlighted the “ongoing interest” in Vancouver, citing its emergence as a thriving basketball market.