The Biggest Fantasy Winners of the 2020 NFL Draft

While there’s no doubt about the fact that the world is a little strange at the moment, there is still one thing that we can all rely on — the fantasy football season. The 2020 NFL Draft couldn’t have come at a better time for those spending more and more time inside, as this has given football fans the chance to truly appreciate the biggest fantasy winners. Yes, these are some big names…

The Biggest Fantasy Winners of the 2020 NFL Draft

Leonard Fournette — Jacksonville Jaguars

If you want a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars to take your team up a notch, then Leonard Fournette could be your go-to guy. This RB1 came out on top during the 2020 draft, and while it’s been rumored that he may be on the trade market, he’s sticking to his team for the time being.

Allen Lazard — Green Bay Packers

Not only did Allen Lazard become one of the winners within the 2020 Fantasy Draft, but he also became one of the winners within the Green Bay Packers as a whole. The WR3/4 became the number two wideout — with only Davante Adams in front of him. So, you could say he was a big deal.

The Biggest Fantasy Winners of the 2020 NFL Draft

Dak Prescott — Dallas Cowboys

The NFL 2020 Draft has given Dak Prescott the chance to enter into elite fantasy football territory, as this quarterback came out as a real winner. At 6’2” and leaner and meaner than ever, he’s definitely a great new addition to the fantasy world.

Justin Jefferson — Minnesota Vikings

As a rising star for many years, this might not come as a surprise to some. With this new role in the draft, Justin now has the chance to really make his mark within the Minnesota Vikings. He may be a rookie, but he’s expected to make his way to the top in no time.

The 2020 NFL Draft Fantasy winners have certainly given us all something to talk about.