Donna Kelce Delivers Homemade Cookies to Sons Jason and Travis at Super Bowl Opening Night

There’s no denying who was the biggest star at the Super Bowl! That’s right, we’re talking about Donna Kelce. The mother of Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles center, and Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, brought valuable gifts to her two sons. We can’t think of any better treat to nourish the next winner, can you?

The Super Bowl 57 Champion

Donna and her son Travis Kelce whose team won the Super Bowl

One of the Kelces wins while the other loses. As it turned out, it was Travis Kelce’s team that got the trophy, winning 38-35 on Sunday. That’s the team’s second title in just four seasons. Another interesting moment from this Sunday’s game was a controversial penalty by Eagles player James Bradberry.

Bradberry’s mistake eventually determined who got the Super Bowl trophy. The game-winning goal was scored with merely eight seconds left. Harrison Butker nailed the shot from 27 yards. Even though he didn’t like the result of it, Bradberry said the penalty was “right.” And now, back to the real game sensation – Donna Kelce, and how a mother’s touch says it all!

A Mother’s Gift Says it All

Donna Kelce gives her sons Tupperware containers with chocolate chip cookies at Super Bowl Opening Night

Despite the fact that both Kelces play for different teams, they gladly joined together to welcome their mom to the field. She wore her signature split jersey to commemorate both sons’ teams. She was welcomed with rowdy applause.

The mother passed two Tupperware containers to both players, which they gladly accepted. One person joked that it’s nothing other than Donna’s unique chocolate chip cookies that have made both Travis and Jason big and ready to win the Super Bowl.

Kelce said it’s been just “amazing” watching her sons reach the Super Bowl and get the chance to enjoy the event together. While one of the players was ultimately defeated (there was no escaping it), Donna certainly gave the most of herself to support both Travis and Jason in their final game for the trophy.