All the Details About Cam Newton’s Move to the Patriots

Cam Newton ended his free agency by going to the Patriots. It’s a pretty smart move for both parties, and in hindsight, it seems like the most obvious move. This is everything you need to know about Cam Newton’s move to the New England Patriots.

All the Details About Cam Newton’s Move to the Patriots

Stidham or Newton?

There is no doubt that the Patriots have a lot of faith in Jarrett Stidham to lead the franchise to glory. However, it doesn’t hurt to have an alternate in the shape of Cam Newton to call upon. There are doubts about whether Newton is healthy enough to perform to the levels of Brady in the Patriots roster, but it’s a win-win for pretty much everybody.

If Newton doesn’t perform, he was most likely not healthy, and it puts less pressure on Stidham if he steps in as starting QB. On the other hand, if Newton is healthy and Stidham beats him for the starting spot, the Patriots do have the real deal.


Newton suffered a shoulder injury in 2018, and a foot injury not long into his return in 2019. That led to people claiming Newton’s body had given out on him, but it’s likely his foot injury was affecting his throwing accuracy on his comeback. Should Newton be fully healed, the Patriots may have just made the free agency signing of the postseason.

All the Details About Cam Newton’s Move to the Patriots

Something to Fear

Should Newton be able to complete 16 games this season, it’s likely the Patriots will once again be the team to fear. The Patriots are probably going to be running the ball this year with Newton as a starter, and that’s something to fear or get excited about for all football fans.

Bringing a former NFL MVP to replace Tom Brady is a smart move. With doubts cast over whether Newton can still do it or not, this could be the move to bring out the best in the quarterback.