Artificial Noise Is Being Introduced in Sports Games to Bring Back the Crowd

One thing that draws people to live sports is the atmosphere. As sports around the world have started up again, the atmosphere in arenas without fans was super noticeable. Now artificial noise is being introduced across various sports to bring back the crowds.

Artificial Noise Is Being Introduced in Sports Games to Bring Back the Crowd

Playing for an Empty Stadium

Fans got to see some of their favorite sports start back up in recent weeks with mixed results. In the high-octane world of cage fighting, the lack of fan noise hasn’t been an issue thanks to enthusiastic commentators, and the thuds of fighters hitting each other. When the soccer season kicked off again in the German Bundesliga, a low-level of artificial fan noise was used, but spectators at home could clearly hear the coaches. The silence in pro sports has brought a sense of intrigue, but it seems the time for quiet is over.

Artificial Noise Is Being Introduced in Sports Games to Bring Back the Crowd

Artificial Crowd Noise

The English Premier League restarted on June 17, and clubs took the approach of pumping artificial fan noises to help create atmosphere. In the UK, clubs are using sounds from the EA Sports video game FIFA to represent their fans at pitchside. There are rumors that the NBA could be considering a similar move and using the noises recorded by 2K Sports from the NBA 2K video game series.

Artificial noise may earn some ridicule from rival fans, but fans have been finding ways to make fun of each other for years. It’s part of what makes organized sports what it is. The NFL doesn’t have to rush to make any kind of decision and will likely sit back and see how artificial crowd noises go down in other sports first.

While there is no substitute for the real thing, bringing back crowd noises will at least give sports games an atmosphere once more. Pro athletes feed on the crowd’s energy, and this can only help make sports without fans more entertaining.

Are the Astros Out of Playoff Contention Before They Even Get Started?

The shortened 2020 MLB season is going to be one like we’ve never seen before. With so few games to be played, every win is essential. Injuries are also going to be crucial, and it seems like the Astros have suffered one that puts them out of playoff contention already.

Working With A Thin Squad

The Astros have a thin playing squad coming into the new MLB season. That hasn’t changed, and now things have taken a turn for the worse following a forearm strain suffered by Justin Verlander.

The Astros were going to be heavily relying on their Cy Young winner, but now they are down to the bare bones while Verlander heals up for a few weeks. Even though it’s just a few weeks, this condensed schedule means every day that Verlander is missing counts.

Not Out For The Season

However, while Verlander’s absence isn’t great news, the veteran right-hander did have some encouraging words for the fans. Despite reports that Verlander was out for the season, the Astros star said he just needed to rest and heal for a little while before making his comeback.

Verlander joined the Astros in 2017 and has already helped lead the franchise to two World Series appearances. He has a 2.45 ERA in his 74 regular-season starts, winning his second Cy Young Award in 2019.

The star had managed to recover from surgery before the season resumed, but appeared to suffer his latest injury against the Seattle Mariners. However, with the expanded playoffs this year, the Astros may be able to finish lower but still make the postseason.

With large chunks of the season being played in such a short time span, losing a Cy Young winner in Verlander for any period is tough. Verlander is going to miss weeks of action, and the damage to the Astros season could already be done before he returns.