Which Team Won This Year’s NFL Draft?

After the dust settles on the NFL season, each franchise outlines what they need going forward for the next one. Much of that planning is going ahead during the season, but the NFL Draft is where it all comes to a point. Every team is fortunate enough to get stronger thanks to the draft, but these are the franchises who really won this year’s recruitment drive.

Which Team Won This Year’s NFL Draft?

The New York Giants

Sometimes you just have to accept that the team you’re building is going to take a little time to come into its own. The Giants had the next few years in mind with their draft picks, although Deandre Baker and Dexter Lawrence will come into the line up immediately. Their first pick of the 2019 draft was Daniel Jones, and in a few years, he is expected to be a standout player.

Which Team Won This Year’s NFL Draft?

Washington Redskins

Sometimes a team just has a great year in the draft and you know they’re set up for great things right away. Washington were in desperate need of a big draft, and they managed to pull one out of the bag. They managed to draft in a franchise quarterback in the shape of Dwayne Haskins and managed to steal the fastest edge rusher in Montez Sweat.

Then the Redskins managed to bring in WR Terry McLaurin, who played with Haskins at Ohio State. As if that wasn’t enough, they picked up the steal of the entire draft by taking RB Bryce Love in the fourth round. After several disappointing years, they could be set for a big 2019.

Which Team Won This Year’s NFL Draft?

Buffalo Bills

There is some optimism surrounding the Bills following their draft picks. Buffalo managed to fix many of their problems and came out with some exciting prospects. They grabbed Ed Oliver, 2019’s highest-graded defensive tackles and Cory Ford is going to provide excellent cover for second-year QB Josh Allen.

The Bills are putting together an exciting young team, and in Dawson Knox, they have found a tight end to fix their problem that hasn’t gone away in recent years. Finally, Devin Singletary is going to learn a lot from the veteran running backs ahead of him, and after a year of bedding in, he’ll be a force in 2020.

Everyone’s a winner when the draft comes around, but these teams have made major gains in areas they all desperately needed.