Will The US Win The Women’s World Cup Once Again?

Another Women’s World Cup is so close for the U.S. national team, but can they go one step further and win it again? It won’t be easy, but after making it all the way to the final, just 90 minutes separate them from international glory.

Will The US Win The Women’s World Cup Once Again?

Their Opponents

The U.S. women’s national team will take on the Netherlands in a final showdown for the Women’s World Cup. The Netherlands came into the World Cup as a force to be reckoned with after winning the European Championship in 2017. They are one of the best teams in the world and will not fear playing the United States.

Skill Vs. Athleticism?

The Dutch are a very skillful side and will have the ability to pass the ball around the United States if they can hold their nerve. The Netherlands know they face a huge task to beat the United States though because of the attributes of the Americans.

Not only are the American women the fittest at the tournament but with players like Morgan and Heath, they can match the Netherlands for natural talent. If the Netherlands can stand up to the physical challenge, they could win, but the United States are huge favorites.

Will The US Win The Women’s World Cup Once Again?

Winning A Fourth?

The United States women’s team have won three World Cups already and have plenty of experience in their team. With multiple Olympic gold medals on their resume, the United States are used to playing in and winning big games. If they stick to the game plan, like they’ve done all tournament, they should be lifting the World Cup after 90 minutes.

The odds are in the United States favor in the Women’s World Cup final. It all comes down to one game on July 7, and you can’t count out the Netherlands.