Tyreek Hill to Race Adam Schefter In a Race for Charity

A tweet that emerged recently and urged Twitter users to challenge their first follow to a race was taken seriously by Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. The NFL superstar has challenged the first person he ever followed – the ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, and now fans are looking at the setup of a race for charity.

Adam Schefter Looks Ready to Take Up the Challenge of Tyreek Hill

Adam Schefter - ESPN NFL Insider
Tyreek Hill to Race Adam Schefter In a Race for Charity

Even though Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest players in the league, Adam Schefter is ready to race him. Given that Schefter is not a professional athlete, Hill said that he would give him a 40-yard head start to make the 100-yard race more interesting. While it may seem that Hill would beat Schefter easily, even with the 40-yard cushion, the journalist is probably capable of putting up a fight. A few years ago, he ran a 5.02 40-yard dash dressed in a shirt and khakis.

Who would win the probable charity race quickly became a topic for heated discussion, and fans have looked at it from every angle. Considering the race to be a distance-to-overtake calculus question, experts have pointed out that Schefter would have to run 40 yards in 5 seconds like the last time, and then cover the remaining 20 before Hill overtakes him. Taking his peak speed and pace into account, experts say Schefter could finish his 60-yard dash in just about 8 seconds.

Tyreek Hill Can Run at 22.6 mph In Pads and Could Still Lose the Race

Tyreek Hill, the fastest NFL player, on the field
Tyreek Hill to Race Adam Schefter In a Race for Charity

Statistics have shown that Tyreek Hill is incredibly fast and can do 40 yards in 4.3 seconds. His speed in pads was measured at 22.6 mph, and if he kept an optimal running pace, the receiver could finish the 100-yard dash in about 9,7 seconds. For reference, Hill was racing Terrell Owens this summer in a similar 100-yard dash and managed to cover those in about 9.89 seconds. Still, that time was done without pads, which means that the Chiefs superstar could be even slower.

All things considered, a 40-yard head start is quite a lot for an athlete to catch up. So, unless Schefter stumbles and falls, which is not out of the question, he should be able to beat Tyreek Hill in this noble race.