Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl Screen Time Has Been Revealed, and You’ll Probably Be Surprised

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Despite the 2024 Super Bowl being over and done with, fans still aren’t ready to move on. The dissatisfaction with Taylor Swift’s appearance at the game was so great that fans went on to accuse the singer of “ruining” the game. The complaining became so dominant that someone decided to reveal the star’s total screen time, and people were shocked.

Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl

Swift found herself thrust into the Super Bowl spotlight thanks to her relationship with Travis Kelce, who’s a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. However, despite the fact that she didn’t actually play in the Super Bowl, certain viewers just couldn’t shake the feeling that Swift got way too much camera time. To be clear, all Swift did was sit in the stands, and show support for Kelce, all while the broadcast intermittently cut to her and her friends. Fans expressed frustration with the singer, feeling that she detracted from the game, neglecting to realize that Swift doesn’t control the camerapeople. However, a closer examination of the facts reveals a different story. One Reddit user took it upon themselves to meticulously track Swift’s on-screen time during the Super Bowl broadcast.

The Singer’s Screen Time

In a game that stretched over four hours, Swift’s appearances amounted to a mere 54 seconds, spread across 12 instances. Meaning, that Super Bowl viewers spent a total of less than one minute looking at Taylor Swift. To put things in perspective even more, it’s estimated that if Swift had used those 50 seconds towards an ad, it would’ve been worth $12.4 million in that same time span. It’s also worth noting that 27 seconds worth of the game were spent showing Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, 23 seconds were spent on the infamous Sphere, and 22 seconds showed Post Malone drinking.

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So, while some may have been quick to point fingers at Swift for “ruining” the Super Bowl, the reality is that her impact on the event was minimal at best.