Tampa Bay Provided A Two-City Solution On Stadium Crisis

After futile attempts by the Rays to gain approval and finance for the new stadium they plan to open in the Tampa Bay area, the Major League Baseball’s Executive Council has considered their efforts and informed Stuart Sternberg, the owner, that his team could explore a two-city option by playing some of their home games in Montreal.

According to the Commissioner for Baseball, Rob Manfrend, who disclosed the information to the press,  “This way, baseball will still be preserved in Tampa.” Also, Stuart and his team have really worked hard to get this new stadium, but could not procure it due to finances. The major Baseball Executive had, however, allowed them due to their efforts.

“How long?” is something nobody can decide at the moment, as nobody can even ascertain how successful this new arrangement can be. Having started at Tropicana, the former Field since 1998, the Tampa Bay have played at St. Petersburg and have tried to obtain the Tampa Field before it was eventually sold to the Baseball’s Executive council who have now permitted Tampa to use it alongside their old side.

Tampa Bay Provided A Two-City Solution On Stadium Crisis

With a change, Tampa would be looking forward to a dramatic difference in the atmosphere. As well as a rise in record against the regular 15,500 fans they have steadily recorded and the 29th of 30th position they have appeared on average. Manfred explained to the Baseball’s Writers Association of American writers that he believes the team is preparing to operate in two markets. However, he could not tell if a full move can be expected from Tampa in the near future.

Obviously unhappy with the new development, the Tampa Bay Rays have announced plans to build a ball park at Howard Terminal and are working assiduously to complete all paperwork on their new building as soon as possible.