Why Soccer Isn’t As Popular In the United States As It Is In The Rest Of The World

Soccer is much-loved all over the world, but in America the sport seems to have been rejected. Has the rest of the world got it wrong, or is it just not something Americans are into? Here’s why soccer isn’t as popular in America as the rest of the world.

Why Soccer Isn’t As Popular In America As The Rest Of The World

The Winner Takes It All

In American sports, there is pretty much always a winner come the end of the game, but in soccer that’s not always the case. Teams can play for draws and the fact there is no resolution after almost two hours can be frustrating.

That kind of uncertainty has stopped many American fans from investing their time into soccer because there doesn’t seem like a point. Watching for long periods only to be left with a frustrating scoreline is more than enough for some.

A Lack Of Action

One thing that you can’t really accuse American sports of lacking is action. In soccer, it can seem as though nothing much is happening for long periods during the game, something that is far from the case in sports like basketball.

Even in low-scoring games of football, there is often the threat of something happening, but in soccer, that’s not always the case. It is a game of skill played by athletes, but sometimes they can cancel each other out. This lack of definitive action can stop some sports fans from getting into soccer in the first place.

Why Soccer Isn’t As Popular In America As The Rest Of The World

No American Stars

If American fans are to get invested in soccer, then they need someone to cheer. In football, basketball, or baseball, many of the top stars come from America and are the best of the best. When it comes to soccer, most of the best players in the world are not from the States.

Probably none of the top 100, maybe even 200 players in the world are from America, so why would fans from the U.S. follow the sport? The MLS is developing, and some American stars are having more of an impact on global soccer. Once Americans meet the standards of other countries, there’s little doubt their home supporters will follow them.

Soccer is perceived as boring by many American fans and without any stars invest in, that mentality may never change. Signs are that its popularity is increasing, but very slowly.