New Rangers Globe Life Stadium Catches Fire Before It Even Opens

When they started building a new stadium for the Texas Rangers, they did not intend to set it ablaze in a bright, fiery show for their usual audience. But lo and behold, a fire did break out this weekend, sending billowing black smoke up in the sky above the new $1.2 billion dollar arena at Globe Life Field.

New Rangers Globe Life Stadium Caught On Fire Before It Even Opens

Fortunately, the fire was quickly extinguished – allowing construction on the premises to resume. The management is saying that everything is safe and under control – though we don’t know how we’d feel if we were expected to start working under conditions that are already hazardous on a normal day.

But the real question is, how will fans feel climbing up into the stands in a few months when the Rangers first debut their new stadium in March?

It’s too hard to tell just yet, but the question marks are in the air – and it’s safe to say, safety isn’t certain in the public’s mind just yet. It is reassuring to know that the fire was out within 30 minutes, and no one was injured. But that might not be so reassuring to anyone actually sitting in the stands if another one suddenly starts.

As of yet, no one’s sure exactly what caused the fire. With the investigation still underway, Arlington Deputy Fire Chief Jonathan Ingols says that his firefighters even trained for the possibility that this might happen – not because the place is a fire hazard, but because management knows how excited the townspeople are for the construction of the new stadium. And they want to make sure it stays safe. “It’s a long, hard climb up there with all their gear,” Ingols said, “but thanks to partnership with the Rangers and Manhattan Construction, we had practiced this.”

New Rangers Globe Life Stadium Caught On Fire Before It Even Opens

The billion-dollar ballpark’s retractable roof was closed for the first time last week, which signals a milestone in getting it ready for opening day in 2020. The Rangers and their fans will share the first taste of their new home stadium with the Los Angeles Angels.