Pele Soccer Records That Are Unlikely To Ever Be Broken

Some soccer fans consider the Brazilian legend Pele to be the greatest ever. His scoring record is second to none, and he was a huge part of the successful Brazilian teams in the past. He played over 1,000 games in his career and broke all kinds of records. These are the ones we reckon will never be broken.

Pele Soccer Records That Are Unlikely To Ever Be Broken

Most Career Hat-Tricks

Scoring a hat-trick in soccer is special because it means you’ve scored three goals in one game. Not every pro is fortunate enough to get on the scoresheet that many times in their careers, let alone one single match, but Pele was a goal-machine. He scored over 1,000 goals, though many came during friendly and reserve games.

Pele was good at scoring, there’s no doubt about that, and he managed a total of 92 hat-tricks during his career. That is still miles ahead of anyone else, and the current best players in the world are falling short. Cristiano Ronaldo has 52 career hat-tricks, while Lionel Messi is one behind his great rival with 51.

Youngest Goalscorer In World Cup Final

Pele burst onto the scene as a teenager, and he went to his first World Cup with Brazil at the age of 17. He played at the 1958 World Cup and was then the youngest player at the tournament.

At the World Cup in 1958, Pele became the youngest goalscorer and youngest scorer of a hat-trick, a record that still stands. His impressive record from 1958 that probably won’t be broken is the fact that he is the youngest goalscorer in a World Cup final. Pele scored two at just 17 years and 249 days old.

Pele Soccer Records That Are Unlikely To Ever Be Broken

Most World Cup Medals

Pele was a phenomenon when it came to international soccer and is the only player in history with three World Cup winners medals. The tournament is held every four years, so for another player to achieve that is unlikely due to the competitiveness of modern soccer. No one team dominates like in the past, and it’s doubtful one player will stick around long enough to win three World Cups again.

Pele is regarded as an all-time great, and his records speak for themselves. Even when he is long gone these are the records that will most likely never be beaten by another player ever again.