Just Like the Olympics, the Paralympics Opened to an Empty Stadium

The Paralympics started in the same empty National Stadium where the ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics took place. Japanese Emperor Naruhito started the event under a theme called We Have Wings. Notable people that were present included International Olympic President Thomas Bach and International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons, and even the husband of the U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris – Douglas Emhoff.

The Paralympics Opened With Vibrant Music, Fireworks, Acrobats, and Even Clowns

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games opening ceremony - fireworks moment. The opening was rich with amazing performances, excellent music, and magnificent fireworks from the top of the stadium. The fireworks concluded the performance and marked the start of the long parade of athletes. In his opening remarks, Parsons credited the efforts of many who contributed to making sure the event takes place.

The delegations that were represented with flags during the opening ceremony were 162 and included the refugee team. Compared to the Olympics, the Paralympics opening was very much the same in terms of grandeur, logistics, and organization, as well as the fact that it took place in the same empty stadium.

While the Paralympics Will Be Held Without the Fans, Some School Children Will Attend

USA's Matt Stutzman competing in the men's archery during the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Organizers of the Paralympics are planning to let some school children attend the competitions, despite the advice of the medical community. According to Parsons and Seiko Hashimoto, the president of the Tokyo organizing committee, the Paralympics can be held safely.

Earlier this year, Markus Rehm, the “Blade Jumper,” jumped 8.62 meters. This is enough to have won the previous six Olympics, as well as to beat the winning jump of the Tokyo Olympics, which was 8.41 meters. Craig Spence, who is the spokesman for the International Paralympic Committee, has said that the stigma attached to disability is no longer there when one watches the sport. He added that watching the games can change a person’s attitude toward disability. After all, how can one underestimate Matt Stutzman, known as the “Armless Archer,” who actually holds the world record for the longest, most accurate shot for any archer? Stutzman hit a target at 310 yards.

This Is Where Colin Kaepernick Could End up If He Does Come Back to the NFL

The issues Colin Kaepernick knelt for years ago have risen to the surface once more, and the possibility of the quarterback returning to the NFL is growing. If Kaepernick does return to football, these are the franchises we think he could end up with.

This Is Where Colin Kaepernick Could End up If He Does Come Back to the NFL

Houston Texans

The Texans aren’t looking for a starter thanks to Deshaun Watson’s skills leading the offense. Still, solid number two is always a good backup plan, and there is plenty of room in the cap space for Colin Kaepernick. With rumors that A.J. McCarron would be open to moving on, there could be a space that Kap could fill as a runner or Watson backup.

Kansas City Chiefs

Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t be the main guy in Kansas City, but Kap would provide more than capable backup. With Mahomes missing a couple of games last season, it was a reminder that not all quarterbacks are invincible. Andy Reid has been known to make polarizing quarterback moves before, and there’s nothing to say he wouldn’t again.

Mahomes has become outspoken about the NFL’s need to do more for social justice, so the starter would be unlikely to protest Kap joining the roster. The Chiefs would allow Kaepernick to put himself in the shop window for 2021 by moving to Kansas City.

This Is Where Colin Kaepernick Could End up If He Does Come Back to the NFL

Baltimore Ravens

One major reason why Kaepernick could find himself lining up with the Ravens is offensive coordinator Greg Roman. While Kaepernick was unleashing his skills in San Francisco, Roman was the man behind the plan. Roman continues to work wonders, and his partnership with Lamar Jackson speaks for itself. Kap would be the number two QB, but he no longer would provide the distraction that NFL franchises originally feared with the nation rallying behind his original message.

There are still plenty of uncertainties regarding Kaepernick’s return to the NFL, but if he does come back, then these franchises are the ones that make sense.