Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Tells Fans to Stay Tuned

It’s officially on – fans have to wait and see where Aaron Rodgers will play next. Rumour has it that the Jets have set their eyes on the quarterback, with executives traveling all the way to California to speak with Rodgers. In a recent interview, the Packers’ star tells fans and interviewer Brandon Marshall to ‘stay tuned’ if they want to find out what’s coming up in his career.

A Look Into Aaron Rodgers’ Career

Aaron Rodgers
A Look Into Aaron Rodgers’ Career

Aaron Rodgers has mulled retirement, indicating he was thinking about his future in the NFL. As fans probably know, the player has spent his whole 18th season of the NFL with the Packers. But now, a change appears on the horizon for Rodgers. In case you missed it, the star spent the end of February in a “retreat,” where he contemplated where to continue with his career. There are but three options ahead of Rodgers – either continue with the Packers, retire, or play somewhere else.

What about his contract? He signed an extension of his contract with the Packers in March of last year. So, if a transfer is due, the Jets will have to work out some terms of the trade.

Comments on the Jets Executive Meeting

Aaron Rodgers
Comments on the Jets Executive Meeting

Aaron Rodgers met with Jets owner Woody Johnson to discuss a possible transfer. However, there weren’t many official statements at the meeting. So far, Rodgers has simply said he always feels honored to meet prominent names in sports. Taking a look at the Jets camp, ESPN statistics show that the team has freed some $15.2 million in salary cap by amending three players’ contracts.

In addition, ESPN has also reported that the Jets reworked other deals on Thursday with the release of their former receiver, Braxton Berrios. Thus, the total cap savings of New York accumulate to $23+ million.

Sooner or later, it’ll become clear what’ll be Aaron Rodgers’ final decision. The 39-year-old is among the top-paid NFL players, alongside Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

This Is What the Last 10 No.1 MLB Picks Are Doing Now

There is a lot of pressure to succeed when baseball players are drafted at number one. This is what the last 10 No.1 MLB picks are doing now.

What the Last 10 No.1 MLB Picks Are Doing Now

2019 — Adley Rutschman

Center fielder Adley Rutschman hasn’t made it to the majors, but the current Baltimore Orioles talent could be an All-Star in the future.

2018 — Casey Mize

If it were not for injury, Casey Mize might have made his MLB debut last season. In his 26 pro starts, Mize has 4.62 strikeouts per walk and a 2.71 ERA.

2017 — Royce Lewis

Lewis was selected by the Minnesota Twins but has struggled for form. Currently, Lewis is not ready for MLB.

What the Last 10 No.1 MLB Picks Are Doing Now

2016 — Mickey Moniak

The Philadelphia Phillies landed Mickey Moniak in 2016. He had decent form last season and may debut in the majors soon.

2015 — Dansby Swanson

Dansby Swanson joined the Diamondbacks in 2015. He was traded to the Braves after six months and had a batting average of .245 through the 2019 MLB season.

What the Last 10 No.1 MLB Picks Are Doing Now

2014 — Brady Aiken

Brady Aiken was drafted by the Astros but wasn’t signed. He has struggled with injury and is currently taking some time away from baseball.

2013 — Mark Appel

Appel was expected to be a frontline starter for the Astros, but instead, he was traded to the Phillies. He walked away from baseball in 2017.

2012 — Carlos Correa

Shortstop Carlos Correa has injury troubles, but he is a World Series winner who remains part of the Astros roster.

What the Last 10 No.1 MLB Picks Are Doing Now

2011 — Gerrit Cole

Gerrit Cole drafted to the Phillies before being traded to the Astros in 2018. Big things are expected of cole after he signed a $324 million contract with the Yankees in 2019.

2010 — Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper was drafted a decade ago and has six All-Star performances under his belt. He was traded from the Nationals to the Phillies in 2018 for a $330 million contract.

This list goes to prove that being one of the No. 1 MLB picks can either work in your favor – or sometimes not.