No Regrets: Lance Armstong “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” About His Journey

Lance Armstrong was a one-time hero for many people thanks to his historic victories at the Tour de France. All of his accomplishments have been taken from him due to the performance-enhancing substances he admitted to taking. In a recent interview, Armstrong said he “wouldn’t change a thing” about the wild journey he went on.

No Regrets: Lance Armstong “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” About His Journey

The Seventh Time’s A Charm

When Lance Armstrong fought his way back from battling with cancer to win the Tour de France seven times, he was a hero. Not just in America, but all over the world people were in awe of the cyclist. Those seven Tour de France titles were taken from him in 2012 when he was finally busted for using performance-enhancing substances.

In It To Win It

Armstrong admitted that he did whatever it took to win, and that meant taking those substances. He knows it wasn’t legal, but he has no major regrets about “going from hero to zero.” There is a reason why Armstrong believes he wouldn’t go back and change those mistakes he made in the past. Armstrong doesn’t appear bothered about losing his fame and fortune because of what he learned.

No Regrets: Lance Armstong “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” About His Journey

Learning Lessons

One thing that seems to have kept Armstrong going through the years in the doghouse with the public is what he learned from his experience. Armstrong believes if he was never caught, then he never would have changed the way he was acting, and then he wouldn’t have learned any lessons. The former cyclist claims he was “begging” to be caught by the authorities, claiming he was an “easy target.”

Denying The Allegations

Accusations were being thrown around about Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing substances, but he continued to deny them. Finally, he admitted to taking them during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which Armstrong says rocked his world upside down. Armstrong said he didn’t want to make any excuses and the buck stops with him.

He said others were taking the substances too, and perhaps he couldn’t have won without them. Armstrong says he made the decision to take performance-enhancing substances because he “didn’t want to go home,” and he wanted to stay in the race.

Armstrong admitted to taking the performance-enhancing substances eventually, but he claims he wouldn’t change a thing. Otherwise, he would never have learned his lesson.