NFL Vets Who Lost Out At The 2019 NFL Draft

When the NFL Draft takes place, it’s not just young prospects who miss out on opportunities. The established stars in the league are put on notice as their team recruits new talent. These are the NFL veterans who look to have lost out at the 2019 draft.

NFL Vets Who Lost Out At The 2019 NFL Draft

Joe Flacco

When Joe Flacco was traded to the Broncos at the beginning of the 2018 football season, he must have thought he was going to be the starter for a long time. The quarterback left the Ravens last season after they drafted Lamar Jackson in the first round, effectively ending Flacco’s 11 years in Baltimore.

That scenario looks to be on the cards once more as the Broncos drafted Drew Lock as the 42nd overall pick. Now Flacco is going to need to keep his team with a positive record throughout the season just to keep Lock out of the lineup.lacco.

Russell Wilson

The Seahawks quarterback received bad new before anyone was even drafted to his team as wide receiver Doug Baldwin looks set to retire. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are serious doubts about the recruits that have been brought in for Wilson to aim his passes at. With the Seahawks already light in this area it could be a long season ahead for Wilson with not much to aim for downfield.

NFL Vets Who Lost Out At The 2019 NFL Draft

Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard was only seen as a short-term solution for the Philadelphia Eagles at running back, and that tenure could be about to get even shorter. The Eagles have decided to deepen the pool of players in the backfield, and with the new recruits, it could seriously reduce Howard’s time on the field. Because of Howard’s lack of passing-down skills, his place on the roster is under threat.

Kyle Rudolph

Teams need to look to the future, and it seems as though the Vikings are preparing for life without Kyle Rudolph. Although the tight end hasn’t missed a game in four years, the Vikings drafted Irv Smith in the second round. Rudolph might hold off Smith for a starting place, but his role in the team is set to change.

These veterans are going to be under threat from the young prospects drafted by their franchises. They might end up being the ones who lose out the most after the 2019 NFL Draft.