NFL Talks Safety Issues Regarding A 17th Regular-Season Game

Players that participated in the NFL Pro Bowl should be an accurate representation of the entire league. If that’s the case, NFL owners may fight with their hands when it comes to negotiating whether or not to add a 17th game to the regular-season schedule.

NFL Talks Safety Issues Regarding A 17th Regular-Season Game

Most players are against the idea due to safety concerns, and to make it work, it can take a lot of haggling. The current bargaining agreement between NFL players and the owners expires after the 2020 season, which is what puts the negotiation on the table.

What an Extra Game Means

For the players, this means more paychecks, but it also means that their bodies will get worn down. Football is a contact sport, and it puts your body through a lot. Adding more games means that something else should be taken away – like training camp. Jurrell Casey, who made the suggestion, knows they won’t do something like this, but taking away a preseason game is also something.

The offering from the league to the players includes more money, expanded game-day roster, an additional bye week, expanded playoffs, guaranteed contracts, along with a higher percentage of revenue which is split between the owners and the players.

A Non-Stop Season

Since most of the starters don’t play during the last preseason game, nothing will help their case in terms of a break of safety. On the other hand, the rookies may have it the hardest if the 17th game gets put into place.

NFL Talks Safety Issues Regarding A 17th Regular-Season Game

For a rookie, the NFL seasons starts from the moment they finish their senior year or enter the draft. Their schedules will likely include all-star games like the Senior Bowl and the East-West Shrine Game. Additionally, they have two months of NFL combine training, pro days, team visits, and workouts. There are rookie minicamps, organized team activities, training camp, preseason and the regular season.

Player safety is a big concern when it comes to rookies and veterans if the NFL were to add a 17th game.