MLB Planning to Impose a 60-Game 2020 Season

With the MLB season being so heavily disrupted, there have been doubts cast about the show ever getting back on the road. It seems the wait is almost over as MLB is planning to impose a 60-game season for 2020.

MLB Planning to Impose a 60-Game 2020 Season

Bringing the Show Back

MLB made a recent announcement that it would be bringing baseball back as soon as possible. Commissioner Rob Manfred is reportedly willing to impose a 60-game 2020 MLB season after franchise owners voted unanimously for that. Players have been asked if they can report to camp by July 1, and whether they accept the new safety and testing protocol.

Players Not So Keen

While the MLB franchise owners voted unanimously in favor of the 60-game 2020 season, the players were less happy with the arrangement. The league’s decision actually came after the MLB Players Association rejected MLB’s proposal. Players will be expected to play a 60-game season, with an expanded postseason but without any salary guarantees should the league get canceled due to another outbreak. While the league has moved to impose its proposed season without player backing, there is still some power in the player’s hands. They need to vote and agree upon safety protocols before MLB can bring the sport back.

MLB Planning to Impose a 60-Game 2020 Season

Expected Start

While the players association may deliberate the safety terms, the 60-game MLB season is expected to begin on July 24. It has been a long time since we’ve seen the players on the diamond, but they could be back within a month. That means there is a lot of preparation to cram in before teams are once again competing for the World Series.

Although the players are seemingly against the proposed 60-game 2020 season, it looks like commissioner Rob Manfred will impose it upon them. It might not be baseball as we know it, but there is an MLB season of sorts to look forward to.

3 Of College Football’s Greatest Throwback Jerseys Of All Time

In most sports, throwback uniforms are quite popular, but for college football, the jerseys are something that they can definitely brag about. There have been some uniforms that weren’t so easy on the eyes, but there are also some that have quite the historical significance and are quite pleasant to look at. Some of the retro jerseys go back almost 100 years and have plenty of history to go along with each one of them. Below are 3 of the greatest throwback uniforms of all-time in college football.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes Throwback Jerseys

The Ohio State Buckeye's football team's alternate jersey. Just 3 years ago, the Ohio State football team came onto the field wearing the 1954 throwback jerseys, and they definitely made an appearance. The uniform doesn’t look like anything the Buckeyes would wear on a regular basis and fans that turned on the game on TV likely didn’t recognize the jerseys, but they were definitely eye-catching, to say the least.

The uniforms featured an “O” on the upper left portion of the pants leg as a nice touch. The numbers located on the helmets were also a great way to kick off any new jersey. Ohio State has come out with a few other throwback uniforms in the past including one that honored the 1942 team.

2. Florida Gators

One of the Florida Gators' football team's throwback jerseys. The Florida Gators’ uniforms from the 1970s have quite a bit of mixed reviews, but there are many fans of them. The helmets are just the beginning of it all as it has the U and F intersect and run through one another which is different from what most Florida fans are used to seeing nowadays.

The throwback jerseys are blue with just the numbers in white. Even though others weren’t fans of the jerseys, Cris Collinsworth, the wide receiver for the Florida Gators, was a huge fan.

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame football team with throwback jerseys. Notre Dame’s football team makes most lists, and there’s no way of leaving them out of this one. The throwback jerseys that they wore against Michigan during the first night game in the Big House were ones to remember. Michigan also had on nice uniforms, but Notre Dame definitely stood out and made an everlasting impression.

The helmets had gold and green with the signature clover on it, and the white jerseys were paired with gold pants for an excellent touch. There was green mixed throughout the uniform which completed the look.