Minor League Baseball Has Canceled the 2020 Season

Minor League Baseball doesn’t appear to be following many majors sports across the United States as it won’t be getting a 2020 season. Although this is sad news for fans of baseball, MiLB wants to try and do what’s right for players to ensure there can be a 2021 season.

Minor League Baseball Has Canceled the 2020 Season

Officially Canceled

While Major League Baseball looks to be pressing on with plans to start the 2020 season, MiLB won’t be following suit. The MiLB president, Pat O’Conner, said that for the first time in the organization’s 120-years history, it is canceling an entire season.

O’Conner disclosed in a statement that MiLB intended to remove any uncertainty about the 2020 season by officially canceling it. The MiLB president explained that by canceling the 2020 season, organizations could begin planning the 2021 season.

What About the Players?

Many younger players would have been sent to their franchise’s developmental teams during the 2020 season, but now they won’t. It’s expected they will instead join their major league teams and be a part of the roster to gain some experience that way. Younger players are also likely to play in a handful of MLB games to give them some experience, making their big-league debuts earlier than anticipated.

Minor League Baseball Has Canceled the 2020 Season

Other Leagues

Not much is known about whether developmental players will get the chance to shine in the Fall and Winter leagues. They may still be scheduled as standard, or players may be forced to head to other countries during the winter to gain some experience. The players are expected to be paid weekly $400 stipends through July, but what happens after that remains unknown.

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, some sports are simply not gambling by resuming or starting new seasons. Minor League Baseball won’t be seen in 2020, with fans having to wait until at least 2021 to see some minor league ball games.