The Minnesota Twins Got a Walk-off Win Against the Detroit Tigers

After a line drive from Miguel Sano that just clipped Robbie Grossman’s glove, the ball rolled to the right-field wall. At that time, there were two runners on base and one who was out in the bottom of the ninth inning. As the Tigers tried to protect a one-run advantage, they made a game-changing error that led to a walk-off victory for the Minnesota Twins.

A.J. Hinch, the Detroit Tigers Manager, Was Left Very Surprised

Still from the walk-off win of the Minnesota Twins versus the Detroit Tigers. A.J. Hinch had never seen anything like the end of this game, saying that it was an ugly ending. Grossman also made a statement, saying the ball was just out of his reach, and by the time he got it back, things were already unfolding. The Tigers found themselves in a walk-off after a series of defensive miscues and a fatal error. They lost the three-game series to the Minnesota Twins, 5-4.

Detroit Tigers Catcher, Eric Haase, Stated He Never Had a Good Grip

Both teams’ runners had a late start when the relay throw from Grossman to second baseman Jonathan Schoop happened. The ball went to catcher Eric Haase near the home plate, and when he got the ball, Gio Urshela and Trevor Larnach were about to both occupy the third base. While Haase ran there and decided to throw to the base, the ball went into the left-field and allowed the tying and winning runs to happen.

Detroit Tigers Catcher Eric Haase

Before the last play, the Tigers strolled into Target Field, having lost four of five series this season. Shortstop Javier Báez did a three-run home run, and a 415-foot line drive from him had a 108.6 mph exit velocity that gave the Tigers a one-run lead against the Twins. Báez finished 2-for-3 with four RBI and one walk-in during his second game after returning from a thumb injury. Before the game against the Twins, the 29-year-old hadn’t been in-game since the middle of April. His other 2022 home run happened on April 11 in a game versus the Boston Red Sox.

Kemba Walker Proved To Be The Clutch Performer The Celtics Desperately Needed

Any good basketball franchise needs one player who will stand up and be counted when it matters most. After years of searching, it looks like the Boston Celtics finally have their clutch performer in Kemba Walker.

Losing An All-Star

One of the problems for the Celtics last season was knowing that Kyrie Irving was leaving. During their playoff against the Bucks, it wasn’t exactly the end of the world that Irving had checked out.

The man who stepped in to replace the Celtics All-Star was none other than Kemba Walker, and it seems to be a match made in heaven. Walker, who is also an All-Star, isn’t regarded as talented or accomplished as Irving, but he does have plenty of experience from eight years with the Hornets.

Turning The Frown Upside Down

In 2019, the Celtics were used to seeing Irving’s scowl and using that as motivation; in 2020, it’s all about Walker’s beaming smile. While this is a big difference between the two stars, the biggest might just be how they act on the court.

What we have seen in the Orlando bubble is the difference between late-game Kyrie and late-game Kemba. Walker has been making the difference for the Celtics when it matters most, and he has led Boston to the Eastern Conference Finals.

In the closing moments of game seven in the Eastern Semi-Final, Walked found himself with the ball, and Celtics fans once again had hope.

Instead of shooting and potentially missing with a two-point lead, Walker kept his cool, held onto the ball, and ran the clock down while surrounded by the Raptors defense. Walker passed to Grant Williams, who was then fouled, and Boston held their nerve to reach the conference finals.

While Kyrie Irving may have left the Celtics with a bad taste in their mouths, it looks like Kemba Walker is the man worth shouting about in Boston.