Mike McCarthy Was Smashing Watermelons to Fire Up the Dallas Cowboys

While Mike McCarthy did not have the best start as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he managed to score a win over the Vikings. The match happened in Minneapolis and was a big event. The win the Cowboys earned gave them some life in the NFC East.

Mike McCarthy Used an Unorthodox Method to Fire Up the Players

Mike McCarthy Apparently, Mike McCarthy was looking for inventive ways to fire up the players of the Dallas Cowboys. Reportedly, the coach had some watermelons at the ready and started smashing them during the final meeting before the game. In a total football guy move, he crushed the watermelons with a sledgehammer, much to the satisfaction and approval of his players.

According to people who had the details on the story, Mike McCarthy was bashing the watermelons so much that his pants were drenched in juice. Every single watermelon had a different objective inscribed on it, signifying the goals of the team. The coach would talk about every objective and then smash the watermelon, causing wild reactions from his players. One of the players even got so fired up that he smashed one of the watermelons himself.

Mike McCarthy Felt Incredible Before, During, and After the Game

Mike McCarthy during a game As it turned out, the Dallas Cowboys did not just go nuts during the meeting before the game, but on the field as well. They won the match against the Vikings 31 to 28 and proved the efforts of their coach were worth it. When asked for comments, McCarthy just said that the experience was incredible.

Now the Cowboys are looking forward to their next two matches. First, they will have to face the Ravens in early December and then stand against the Bengals. If the last match was any indication, it seems that the Cowboys and their coach will have more surprises for the fans along the way. Other opponents they will face include the 49ers, Eagles, and Giants.

Apparently Michael Jordan Wasn’t Really Sick During the ‘Flu Game’

Over the course of his career, Michael Jordan has proved to everyone that he deserves his place within the realm of basketball legends. Everyone knows his name, everyone knows his style, and everyone knows just how successful he has been. Jordan has been the cause of countless iconic games within the NBA, but none are quite as famous as the ‘Flu Game.’

Apparently Michael Jordan Wasn’t Really Sick During the ‘Flu Game’

A Legend in the Game

When it comes to Michael Jordan, there’s nobody like him. His career within the world of NBA will forever go down in history, and there are many games that have helped with his fame and fortune. There was the game where he scored a hanging jumper over Craig Ehlo, there was the 1986 game where he dominated the Boston Celtics, and there was even the game where he was suffering from ‘flu-like symptoms’ both before and during the event.

Feeling Under the Weather

This incident took place in 1997 when the Chicago Bulls were playing against Utah Jazz. Before the game, Michael noted that he was feeling under the weather — but he was determined to make his way onto the court. Despite the fact that it was clear to see that he wasn’t feeling 100%, Michael managed to help his team score a 90-88 Game 5 Victory. When the game was over, Scottie Pippen had to carry him off the court.

Apparently Michael Jordan Wasn’t Really Sick During the ‘Flu Game’

Some Bad Pizza

Although it’s been suggested that Jordan was suffering from the flu, many people have questioned this. There have been those who thought it was just hungover, and there were those who believed that he was suffering from food poisoning. Well, it seems as though the latter may be correct. Jordan’s trainer, Tim Grover, has noted that Jordan ate some bad pizza the night before the game, and it didn’t settle in his stomach very well.

So, the ‘Flu Game’ should really be the ‘Bad Pizza Game.’