LeBron James Has Some Harsh Words for the Lakers

Reddit // u/fbreaker

No one can deny the talent present within the Lakers, particularly when it comes to LeBron James. However, the team’s performance against the Boston Celtics on Christmas Day was disappointing, to say the least. After the game, James spoke about how he and his team dropped the ball (pun intended).

The Game

The loss dropped Los Angeles to 16–15 on the year. The Lakers are now ninth place in the Western Conference, just a half-game ahead of the No. 10 Golden State Warriors, and they’re 7.5 games behind the conference-leading Minnesota Timberwolves.

LeBron James’ Statement

LeBron James bluntly said, “I don’t think we’re where we wanna be to be able to compete against the top teams.” Well, admitting you have a problem is the first step.

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While the Lakers may not have ended 2023 on a high note, there’s no reason to believe that they can’t pick things up in 2024. After all, they’re clearly not making any excuses!