There Is No Way for the L.A. Lakers to Save Their Season

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the Lakers are having a nightmarish season. Their latest loss against the Mavericks has brought them one step closer to a mid-April exit. To make things worse, the L.A. team has lost 15 of its last 21 games, meaning fans and pundits are seeing little hope for things to turn around.

L.A. Lakers during a game Both Defense and Offense Are Failing the Lakers

The loss against Dallas wasn’t the worst of the season. The team fought hard and even managed to erase a 15-point halftime deficit. But the Lakers’ defense, as it has been all season, was too disorganized and leaky, and allowed another point gap to form. Despite LeBron catching fire from the three-point line during the third quarter, the L.A. offense rapidly lost momentum and failed to produce baskets down the stretch.

After the game, Lakers coach Frank Vogel shared with reporters that the defeat to Dallas was painful. He added that while it hurts to fall short, his group is resilient and mentally tough. His opinion was shared by King James who admitted to reporters that until he is able to play, his team always has a chance to change its faith.

Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel at a press conference The Team Loses Steam

Many experts believe that the Los Angeles franchise won’t make it to the playoffs. They describe the team as old and tired. They also highlight the fact that Russell Westbrook doesn’t seem to fit in the squad. Last but not least, they are adamant that Davis, despite being out with a foot injury, has never managed to regain his excellent form from the bubble. And LeBron is still Lebron, but at 37 isn’t capable of carrying the entire team on his back.

LeBron James

According to Bill Plaschke, a reputable L.A. Time columnist, important decisions must be made by the Lakers management in order to return stronger next year.

Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski Tries His Hand at Wrestling – And Wins

No one’s condoning anything, but if we’re being honest, Rob Gronkowski couldn’t have picked a better year to retire from his long-time football career with the NFL.

Last year, many fans mourned the professional goodbye of their favorite tight end, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski. At 30 years old, he said he was satisfied enough with his Patriots-devoted career to walk away with his head held high. One season later, the entire football year is on pause due to the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Coincidence? We think…probably, yes.

But it seems Rob wasn’t done with sports entirely. He’s been hosting WrestMania 36 – and last week at WrestleMania, he went one step further and got in the ring himself.

No one expected him to walk away with a Championship.

For the first time ever, this year’s WrestleMania was a two-night affair. Gronkowski was there hosting both nights. On Saturday night he was joined by wrestler friend Mojo Rawley, who he came hoping for a piece of the 24/7 Champion R-Truth.

Since the rules are that the title can be defended anywhere, any time, as long as there’s an official present, Mojo set himself up pretty well with Rob giving the fight the green light.

But on Sunday, Gronk had is own plans.

When Rawley was least expecting it, Gronk surprised him by jumping down from above…and winning himself the pin for the championship.

Gronk just joined the promotio last month, and already got his first WWE Championship. So he might have a whole new set of fans cheering his name soon.