The Insane Diet Of LeBron James

LeBron James has been at the top of the basketball world for over a decade. He might be 34 and an elder statesman of the NBA, but he still knows how to get around the court. Part of the reason he is so good is that he, mostly, treats his body like a temple with the food he puts in it. Here’s the insane diet of LeBron James.

The Insane Diet Of LeBron James

Let’s Start With Breakfast

James has made no secret that one of his favorite foods is Fruity Pebbles. He has been known to chow down on a bowl on occasions, and Nike even created sneakers for James that were designed with Fruity Pebbles in mind. Don’t expect James to be eating his favorite cereal during the season though.

He says that sugar slows down recovery in between games and the postseason is all about recovering as quickly as possible. For James, that means healthier breakfasts consisting of protein bars, granola, and smoothies.

Fewer Carbs

When it comes to lunch, James doesn’t load up on carbs too much. He does say he will add a “little pasta” to his diet to keep up his energy levels, but mostly he just eats chicken with vegetables or fruit. That doesn’t mean that James only eats healthily. He is a big fan of lobster, and if he’s not enjoying a big plate of it alongside a steak, he’s throwing the crustacean into an indulgent salad.

The Insane Diet Of LeBron James

Dessert Is Always On The Menu

There is no denying that LeBron James loves dessert and he has posted many pictures of his sweet treats to his social media account. During the offseason James makes sure to get his sugar whenever he can. He might refrain from eating it while playing, but once the season is over James is all over the desserts.

James even offers some of his own cake to his teammates after practice, but it’s not like any cake you’ve ever eaten as he packs it full of kale. The Lakers star makes sure to keep hydrated wherever possible and will drink sports drinks to keep his energy levels high.

LeBron James is an elite athlete who makes sure to look after himself whenever he’s competing. He doesn’t shy away from treats when he’s not playing though and seems to have the best of both worlds when it comes to eating.