Why There Are High Expectations for the Return of Tiger Woods

As always when Tiger Woods is making a comeback, people can’t help but get excited. This icon of golf will be hitting the course at Muirfield Village on July 16, and this is why expectations are so high for Tiger Woods.

It’s His Course

Tiger Woods has won at Muirfield Village five times during his career as part of his nine top-ten finishes here. Woods is a master of pretty much any golf course, but if he has any kind of rhythm in his swing, the field had better watch out. Last year Woods even added a 67-round to his scorecard at Muirfield, and he could do something similar again this year.

He’s Swinging Well

Because Tiger Woods has suffered so many injuries over the years, his body doesn’t often look comfortable during his golf swing. At the recent The Match: Champions for Charity tournament in May, Woods’ swing looked as natural as it ever has. Sure he wasn’t competing seriously, but he sure did look relaxed. Any time Tiger has felt comfortable with his body, his golf scores have been low, and there is hope he’s back in the groove.

Woods is Well-Rested

The final reason to be excited for Woods’ return at Muirfield is the fact he is so well-rested. Woods has had an enforced break due to global circumstances, and it will have done him some good. With plenty of rest, Woods may realize that he doesn’t need to play every tournament, but pick and choose his battles. If Woods were to commit to playing fewer tournaments he could arrive in top shape every time, which usually bodes well for his scorecard.

While the field will be one of the most competitive we’ve seen for months, many eyes will be fixated on Tiger Woods. The returning legend is a master of this course, and big things are expected for his return to elite golf.

The Viewership for the College Football Championship Has Plummeted

While the Alabama Crimson Tide routed the Ohio State Buckeyes in their last game, the match is on track to become the least viewed one since college football started staging title games. Alabama took the win over Ohio State with a 52-24 rout, yet the College Football National Championship game drew just 18.7 million viewers. That means the game was the least-viewed championship game in college football since the beginning of the era of staging end-of-the-season match-ups that are meant to determine the national champion.

Just 18.7 Million Viewers Tuned In to Watch the Latest College Football Championship

The Latest College Football Championship The number of viewers is spread throughout different channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU, and has shown a 27% decrease from the title matchup of last year, which was a slightly closer blowout between Clemson and LSU. The final numbers will include the views from streaming and the ESPNews viewership, and that could move the tally up to above 19 million viewers. Still, it’s unlikely that it will be enough to top the 21.4 million who watched the 2005 Orange Bowl. That game holds the current lowest viewed match title, and in it, the USC defeated Oklahoma with a staggering 55-19.

College Football Is the Latest Sport to See A Huge TV Viewership Drop

Alabama Crimson Tide VS Ohio State Buckeyes While it is certainly bad news that the College Football Championship is suffering low viewer turnout, it is not the first sport to see such a large TV viewership drop. After the tumultuous events of last year, many sports saw schedule changes, delays, and the same record-low turnout.

The game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Ohio State Buckeyes marked the fifth time in the six years that Alabama secured its place for the title game, and this time everything was practically over by halftime. At that point, the Crimson Tide was leading 35-17. The College Football Playoff has been responsible for determining the national champion since 2014, and its predecessor was the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).